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Power supply unit - FB-PS-MB-25DSUB/EX - 2316146

Four-channel, redundant fieldbus power supply base. Host connection is a D-SUB 25 socket connector.

Power supply unit - FB-PS-MB-Y/EX - 2316148

Four-channel redundant fieldbus power supply base. Host connections are for two Yokogawa AKB336 20-pin cables.

Power supply unit - FB-PS-MB-I/EX - 2316149

Four-channel, redundant fieldbus power supply base. Host connection is for an Invensys® D-SUB 25 cable.

Power supply unit - FB-PS-MB-TB - 2316155

Four-channel, redundant fieldbus power supply base. Host connection is four terminal blocks.

DIN rail bus connectors - ME 22,5 TBUS 1,5/ 5-ST-3,81 GN - 2707437

DIN rail connector, number of positions: 5, pitch: 3.81 mm, Pin layout: Linear pinning, Articles with gold-plated contacts, bus connectors for connecting with electronic housings

Power distributor - FB-PS-BASE/EX - 2316145

Base for fieldbus power supply plugs. Provides redundancy when 2 plugs are installed. Redundancy is maintained across multiple bases via internal power buses. Additional internal bus provides remote indication.

Power module - FB-PS-PLUG-24DC/28DC/0.5/EX - 2316132

Power supply plug for fieldbus system in hazardous locations. Provides 500 mA @ 28 V DC to couplers along the trunk.

PCB connector - ZEC 1,5/ 4-LPV-5,0 C2,4 BK - 1793260

PCB connector, nominal current: 10 A, rated voltage (III/2): 320 V, Nominal cross section: 1.5 mm², number of positions: 4, pitch: 5 mm, color: black, contact surface: Tin, mounting: Direct plug-in method

Power supply unit - QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/10 - 2866763

Primary-switched QUINT POWER supply for DIN rail mounting with SFB (selective fuse breaking) technology, input: 1-phase, output: 24 V DC/10 A

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