System automation

System automation

Increase system availability

Use our platform for limitless automation.

Phoenix Contact offers intelligent solutions which can be used to efficiently automate subapplications as well as the complete WTG and even a wind farm. Control and software solutions from Phoenix Contact allow you to stay competitive and respond flexibly to dynamically changing circumstances.

Your advantages

  • PLC-typical real-time performance and data consistency, also for high-level languages and model-based code
  • Intelligent networking, thanks to cloud connection and the integration of current and future communication standards
  • Quick application development: Multiple developers can work independently in different programming languages

Integration of subsystems

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High availability of your wind turbine generators

Increase your system availability by using our control solution with multi-core processor.

Reduce your hardware expenses thanks to, for instance, the elimination of a separate data processing controller for condition systems.

Efficient system development

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Model-based system development

Model your wind turbine generator in Matlab Simulink and perform diagnostics on your models, including debugging, without a Matlab license in our modular software platform.

This software platform speeds up your engineering process, thanks to the reusability of user-specific automation modules and object-oriented programming.

Consistent modularization

Thanks to PLCnext Technology, our open control platform, you can easily integrate applications developed in high-level languages into your entire system.

Individual modules can even be updated or maintained during operation. You determine on which core and with which task the program sequences are synchronized.

The platform for limitless automation

PLCnext Technology forms the basis of the new, open control platform from Phoenix Contact. The solution offers a comprehensive, coordinated portfolio and enables quick and reliable engineering, as well as easy adaptation to the individual requirements of the operator, thanks to the integration of open source software, apps, and future technologies. Implement new IoT-based business models through direct connection to cloud-based services and databases.

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Platform for limitless automation


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