Device protection - TTC-6P-T3-24DC-PT-I 1027586

Type 3 surge protection, consisting of protective plug and base element, with integrated status indicator for 24 V DC power supplies.

Detalii despre produs

Vibration (operation) 5g (10 ... 150 Hz/20 cycles/axis/X, Y, Z)
Ambient temperature (operation) -40 °C ... 80 °C
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40 °C ... 80 °C
Degree of protection IP20
Shock (operation) 30g (Half-sine / 11 ms / 3x ±X, ±Y, ±Z)
Permissible humidity (operation) 5 % ... 95 %
Altitude ≤ 6000 m (amsl (above mean sea level))

Residual current IPE ≤ 5 µA
Maximum continuous voltage UC 30 V DC
Max. backup fuse with branch wiring 6 A (gG)
10 A (see the note: CBM, CBMC, PTCB, CB E1)
Voltage protection level Up (DC+/DC-) - PE ≤ 0.7 kV
Short-circuit current rating ISCCR 60 A DC (without additional backup fuse)
220 A DC
Rated load current IL 6 A (30 °C)
Combination wave UOC 2 kV (2 Ω)
2 kV (2 Ω)
Nominal discharge current In (8/20) µs 1 kA
Direction of action 1L-N & N-PE
Nominal voltage UN 24 V DC
Mode of protection (DC+) - (DC-)
(DC+/DC-) - PE
Voltage protection level Up (DC+) - (DC-) ≤ 0.09 kV (Uoc= 2 kV)
≤ 0.2 kV (Uoc= 6 kV)

Environmental Product Compliance
REACh SVHC Lead 7439-92-1
China RoHS Environmentally Friendly Use Period = 50 years
For details about hazardous substances go to tab “Downloads”, Category “Manufacturer's declaration”
Note CBM:
2905743 CBM E4 24DC/0.5-10A NO-R
2905744 CBM E8 24DC/0.5-10A NO-R
2906032 CBMC E4 24DC/1-10A NO
2908716 CBMC E4 24DC/1-10A NO-C
2910411 CBMC E4 24DC/1-10A IOL
2908262 PTCB E1 24DC/1-8A NO
CB E1:
2800907 CB E1 24DC/10A NO P
2800914 CB E1 24DC/10A S-R P
2800928 CB E1 24DC/10A S-C P
2905805 CB E1 24DC/10A SI-R P
2905812 CB E1 24DC/10A SI-C P

Desen dimensional
Height 105.8 mm
Width 6.2 mm +0.1 mm
Depth 100 mm (incl. DIN rail 7.5 mm)

CTI value of material 600
Color traffic grey A RAL 7042
light grey RAL 7035
Housing material PBT
Insulating material PBT
Flammability rating according to UL 94 V-0

Mounting type DIN rail: TH 35 - 7.5 mm

Conductor cross section AWG 24 ... 12
Conductor cross section solid 0.2 mm2 ... 4 mm2
Connection method Push-in connection
Conductor cross section flexible 0.2 mm2 ... 2.5 mm2

Standards/specifications IEC 61643-11
EN 61643-11


EN type T3
Surge protection fault message optical
IEC power supply system DC
Number of positions 2
Type DIN rail module, two-section, divisible
Number of ports One
IEC test classification III
Insulation characteristics
Pollution degree 2
Overvoltage category III

Cod comandă 1027586
Unitate de ambalare 1 pc
Cantitate minimă pentru comandă 1 pc
Pagina de catalog Pagina 85 (C-4-2019)
GTIN 4055626522333
Greutate pe bucată (inclusiv ambalajul) 39,2 GRM
Greutate pe bucată (fără ambalaj) 32,6 GRM
Cod tarifar vamal 85363030
Țara de origine DE

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