Programming software - PC WORX BASIC LIC

Software package for PC-based automation solutions, PC WORX BASIC license, contains all 5 IEC languages, without MSFC compiler, max. 2048 byte input and output data, version-specific license key

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Product type Programming

Control system (Target system) Embedded and PC-based controllers

Type of software On-premise
Intended use for the software Engineering software for controllers
License information
Type of license Single-user license
Basic functions Planning an automation system, parameterizing the INTERBUS and PROFINET devices, operating INTERBUS and PROFINET, programming an automation system in acc. with IEC 61131-3. communication in acc. with IEC 61131-5
Network configuration (functionality of Config+)
Network diagnostics (functionality of Diag+)
Expanded functionality 2048 bytes of I/O data (mixed) (basic license)
Integrated function Analysis
Data acquisition
Functional safety
Programming languages supported Instruction list (IL)
Function block diagram (FBD)
Ladder diagram (LD)
Structured text (ST)
Symbolic flowchart (SFC)
Configuration INTERBUS
Diagnostics INTERBUS
Control system (Target system) Embedded and PC-based controllers
Associated hardware Phoenix Contact control
Number of I/O nodes 2048
System requirements
Operating equipment Keyboard, mouse
Operating system Windows® 10 (32-bit/64-bit), as of Build 1511
Windows®11, as of Build 22000.675
Processor min. 2 GHz, x86 architecture
Hard disk memory min. 2 GByte
RAM min. 2 GByte
Interfaces Serial COM port, Ethernet (PCI if there is an INTERBUS master card in the PC)
Screen resolution SXGA (1280 x 1024)
Supported browsers Internet Explorer Version 8 or later
Languages supported German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese

Tuotenumero 2985275
Pakkausyksikkö 1 Kappaletta
Vähimmäistilausmäärä 1 Kappaletta
Huomautus Toimeksiantosidonnainen valmistus (ei palautusta)
Tuoteavain DRDBAC
Tuotekoodi DRDBAC
Luettelosivu Sivu 29 (C-6-2019)
GTIN 4046356099509
Paino kappaletta kohti (sis. pakkauksen) 22 g
Paino kappaletta kohti (ilman pakkausta) 20 g
Tullitariffinumero 49119900
Alkuperämaa DE


ECLASS-9.0 27242501
ECLASS-10.0.1 27242501
ECLASS-11.0 27242501


ETIM 8.0 EC000809


UNSPSC 21.0 43233600

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A programming environment for all controllers from Phoenix Contact
Uniform operation worldwide, thanks to programming according to IEC 61131
Fast startup and programming, thanks to comprehensive standard libraries
Integrated fieldbus and network configuration
Application-specific expansion with corresponding functional blocks
Integrated diagnostics and monitoring
Consistent support for drag-and-drop
User-friendly device handling, thanks to integrated PROFINET, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, and Modbus TCP configuration and addressing
Program modifications can also be made while the controller is running
Open interfaces to EPLAN, WinMOD, PLCopen XML
Integrated simulation environment