CHARX PS/3AC/920DC/87.5KW - DC power module

CHARX power basic, Fast charging module for setting up DC charging stations, Rack mounting, input: 3-phase, output: 200 V DC...920 V DC / 125 A. The corresponding system control cabinet CHARX PS-CAB/4x87.5KW (Item No. 1165442) is necessary for operating the DC power module

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Low installation costs with Plug and Play and efficient operation due to the high degree of efficiency
Save space with the innovative design and high power density
Fast repair due to hot swappable power modules
Scalable power for each charging point with the flexible assembly of system cabinets and connection of power modules
The operation of large charging parks in the megawatt range is made possible by connecting multiple system cabinets together
Bi-directional charging for V2G applications and peak shaving