CF 3000-2,5 - Electrical crimping tool

Automatic stripping and crimping device, 230 V version, for taped insulated ferrules 0.25 mm2 ... 2.5 mm2, sleeve length 8 mm, incl. 0.5 mm2 ... 2.5 mm2 conversion kits


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The conductor is stripped in a single step and crimped with a ferrule to a high standard of quality
Suitable for class 2 and class 5 PVC conductors (H05V-K/H07V-K).
Conductors with special insulating material and stranding can only be processed to a limited degree and with reservations.
Particularly suitable for pre-assembling conductors
The compact automatic stripping and crimping device can be used to process taped ferrules with insulating collars according to DIN 46228‑4
Color coding according to ferrule standard DIN 46228‑4 makes the assignment of modification components really clear
Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, it can also be used as a portable solution for transport between different work locations
The automatic device can be adapted to various cross sections in under a minute
Up to 1200 conductors can be processed an hour