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Cover profile - EA-G 5/ 2 SONDERBEDRUCKUNG - 1301407

Single cover for the G 5/2 terminal block, printed according to customer requirements

Cover profile - AP 3 36MM LANG M.BOHR. - 5405851

Cover profile, 36 mm long, with mounting hole

Cover profile - A/F 70 METER - 1004982

Flat-ribbon cover, for covering terminal strips, 2 mm thick, 7 cm wide, an additional requirement are 2 E/UK end brackets and 2 adjustable VAH cover holders. The max. supply length is 100 cm

Cover profile - A/F-HA - 1004953

Sealable flat cover, for covering terminal groups, with 2 red sealable plastic screws M3, suitable for all terminal blocks with M3 thread in the terminal center, dimensions: 26 x 76 mm

Cover - APK 1 - 5022795

Hinged cover profile, permits hinged covering of terminal strips when used with cover holder APK-TU and holding profile APK-HP; snaps into the holding profile APK-HP, dimensions: 95 x 50 mm

Cover - EA 5-WS - 1024085

Single covers, for covering one terminal block, with black symbol (lightning flash) snap fit, color: transparent/yellow

Assembly adapters - APK-HP 2 METER - 5022818

Holding profile, snaps into the cover holder APK-TU, with groove for Zack strip ZB 5 to ZB 10, length: 2 m

Cover - EA 7 - 1024250

Single covers, color: transparent

Cover profile - AP 3 CM - 5022876

Cover profile for covering terminal strips, snaps onto AP 3-TU, AP 3-TNS 35 cover profile carriers, can be labeled with AP-ES insert strip. A cover profile carrier is to be positioned at the ends and at intervals of around approx. 40 cm. Supply length: As per customer order

Insert strip - AP-ES - 5022685

Insert strip, white, unlabeled, mounting type: insert, for terminal block width: 35 mm, lettering field size: 35 x 500 mm

83 Resultados

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