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Switchgear and controlgear assembly - OGM RG - 2400189

Wide-temperature, IP65-rated, remote repeater/gateway system configurable for field network, backhaul network, input power and mounting type.

Configuration package - MM-CONF-SET - 2297992

Configuration package for the EMM ... IFS, comprising CONTACTRON-DTM-IFS, USB programming adapter, and user manual on CD.

Mounting set for securing the batteries - BATTERY MOUNTING KIT - 2320788

Used for mounting batteries that cannot be mounted on DIN rails.

Memory block - IFS-CONFSTICK - 2986122

Multi-functional memory block for the INTERFACE systemf for easy storage and backup of the configuration.

Diode block - EMG 45-DIO 8M-1N5408 - 2954882

Diode module, with eight diodes, common anode, diode type 1N 5408

Data interface - EM-PNET-GATEWAY-IFS - 2904472

Gateway for the connection of up to 32 INTERFACE system devices via PROFINET to a higher-level controller. The INTERFACE system devices are connected to the Gateway via DIN rail connectors, the DIN rail connectors are provided.

Fuse - FUSE 25A/32V ATOF - 2908366

Fuse, nominal current: 25 A, length: 19.1 mm, width: 5 mm, height: 18.8 mm

Diode block - EMG 45-DIO14P - 2950116

Diode module, for extension with 14 1N 4007 diodes, with a common cathode

Diode block - EMG 22-DIO 7P - 2950064

Diode module, for extension with 7 1N 4007 diodes, common cathode

Fuse - CM-SI-2AF - 2939027

Output fuse (5x20 mm) acc. to IEC 127-2/EN 60127-2, 2 A fast blow

278 Resultados

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