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Compatibilidade de tipo Fronius

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    Compatibilidade de tipo Fronius

Switching device combination - WIL-ID-S-868MHZ-DETECT-6 - 1044652

Sensor-supported evaluation unit, component of the ID-S ice detection system, with 6 sensors ID-S-S 868, communication via 868 MHz frequency band as well as Modbus/TCP and PROFINET

Switching device combination - OGM RG - 2400189

Wide-temperature, IP65-rated, remote repeater/gateway system configurable for field network, backhaul network, input power and mounting type.

Power module - EMD-SL-PS45-400AC - 2885304

Power modules, pluggable, for EMD-FL-..., supply voltage: 323...456 V AC

Power module - EMD-SL-PS- 24DC - 2885359

Power modules, pluggable, for EMD-SL-..., supply voltage: 20 V DC ... 30 V DC

Fuse - FUSE 25A/32V ATOF - 2908366

Fuse, nominal current: 25 A, length: 19.1 mm, width: 5 mm, height: 18.8 mm

Memory block - IFS-CONFSTICK-L - 2901103

Multi-functional memory block with handle for the INTERFACE system; for easy storage and back up of the configuration.

Data cable - IFS-RS232-DATACABLE - 2320490

Data cable for communication between devices with a D-SUB 9 RS-232 connection and Phoenix Contact devices with the 12-pos. IFS data port such as QUINT UPS-IQ or TRIO UPS.

Fuse - CM-SI-2AF - 2939027

Output fuse (5x20 mm) acc. to IEC 127-2/EN 60127-2, 2 A fast blow

Mounting set for securing the batteries - BATTERY MOUNTING KIT - 2320788

Used for mounting batteries that cannot be mounted on DIN rails.

Data cable - IFS-MINI-DIN-DATACABLE - 2320487

Data cable for communication, e.g., between Phoenix Contact type ILC 1xx Inline controllers and Phoenix Contact devices with the 12-pos. IFS data port, such as QUINT UPS-IQ UPS or TRIO UPS

201 Resultados

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