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  • Principles of charging technology
    Principles of charging technology

    Charging modes, connection systems, safety directives, and standards – the mobility of the future follows various country-specific framework conditions.

Joachim Pucker in front of HPC charging station  

Joachim Pucker

"E-mobility is an integral part of the shift towards climate-friendly mobility. Comprehensive, quick charging infrastructures and powerful charging interfaces in electric vehicles are needed in order to make the charging of these vehicles convenient and suitable for everyday use.

With our wide range of products and solutions and our technological expertise, we are a reliable partner for automotive and charging infrastructure manufacturers."

Joachim Pucker
Director Market Segment Infrastructure
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High Power Charging – the technology for fast charging stations

Cooled HPC charging connector  

High Power Charging makes e-mobility suitable for everyday use

With High Power Charging (HPC), we have developed a technology that revolutionizes fast charging of electric cars by reducing charging time to just a few minutes. This technology is a milestone for the future of e-mobility.

Find out more about how our HPC technology works, discover the advantages and features that it offers, and learn fascinating background information on the research and development process.



Headquarters in Schieder-Schwalenberg

The subsidiary, which was founded in 2013, is the center of expertise in the field of charging technology for e-mobility within the Phoenix Contact Group.

Find out more about the company, its origin story and the Executive Board, as well as about its objectives, areas of expertise, and involvement in networks.

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  • Combination of the right hardware and software components
  • Production of charging connectors with your logo for comprehensive branding
  • Charging cable ends can come with a step cut, pre-assembled, or compacted upon request
  • Creation of tested wiring diagrams for simple and safe implementation
  • Consideration of the latest charging standards, technological standards, and the German Weights and Measures Act
  • Support during connection to billing providers and building and energy management systems

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