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Solar power Design a sustainable power supply with inspiring industry solutions for all facets of photovoltaics

Solar power is essential for renewable power generation. It makes a major contribution to meeting our continually rising energy requirements. Interest in building increasingly larger and more powerful ground-mounted photovoltaic systems is on the rise worldwide. Networking, monitoring, and communication are indispensable in this regard, particularly in relation to consistent network quality and maintenance in line with requirements.

Phoenix Contact is your expert partner for the optimum and reliable operation of photovoltaic systems. From ground-mounted systems and rooftop systems to hybrid energy systems, we always offer the right solution.

“We are constantly working to further develop our industry standard-based solutions for an environmentally conscious and cost-effective power supply.”

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Solutions for solar park management

Operating large PV systems requires continuous monitoring and control on the segment level. Reliable monitoring solutions keep you informed of the state of your photovoltaic system at all times, allowing you to respond immediately to ensure maximum yield. Learn more about the solutions from Phoenix Contact that enable you to constantly collect, visualize, and evaluate data from your solar park.

Solar park

The combination of intelligent automation and comprehensive visualization tools allows you to continuously acquire and evaluate data from your solar park. From data acquisition at the field level to feed-in control and visualization, we provide complete, seamless solutions for solar park management.

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Solutions for rooftop systems Make a profit on your roof

Large, slightly slanted roof surface areas provide ideal conditions for the profitable deployment of photovoltaic systems. As a result of declining module prices and increasing energy costs, photovoltaic systems on private, commercial, and public buildings are becoming increasingly attractive, even without government subsidies.

To monitor the installations and provide lasting protection against lightning currents and overvoltages of all kinds, Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of products for roof-mounted photovoltaic systems. For the maximum degree of safety in the event of danger or maintenance, individual panels can be de-energized. Micro inverters are a great alternative for less-than-optimal roof surfaces. The new connection system for micro inverters is suitable for universal use and is particularly user-friendly.

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Solutions for hybrid energy systems For challenging conditions

A total of 1.2 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity. As a result, diesel generators are used in many locations to produce the necessary, independent source of energy. However, the price of the fuel for diesel generators is constantly rising. The use of hybrid photovoltaic systems not only reduces this financial burden, it also lowers CO2-emissions in a sustainable manner. In rural regions without a local power grid and in developing and emerging countries, hybrid photovoltaic systems are a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative for generating electricity far from corresponding grids.

Hybrid photovoltaic systems are frequently installed under extreme climatic conditions. Therefore, along with the power generation units, the accumulator, and the inverter, the devices required for control and regulation must also be able to withstand the harsh ambient conditions. The solutions and components from Phoenix Contact meet these requirements ideally.

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Our Energy Solution Partners

Phoenix Contact works with selected partners from all over the world who have extensive expertise in our products and systems. This ensures that our solutions for the solar industry are optimally adapted to meet individual customer requirements worldwide.

Benefit from our expert Solution Partners and gain comprehensive advice now.


Phoenix Contact offers innovative products and solutions for all aspects of photovoltaic power generation. These solutions are based on a wide range of industrially-tested connection and automation technology. When intelligently combined, these products become systems for a variety of functions such as control, remote monitoring, or measured value acquisition.

Service and support

Implement your photovoltaic projects even more quickly and efficiently. Whether you are planning, installing, or maintaining photovoltaic systems, our services provide you with reliable support. They are tailored to your solar power generation requirements.

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Engineering and control cabinet solutions We will accompany you through all project phases

We set high standards for your solution. Everything from the pre-wired and pre-programmed control cabinet solution to the engineering service is tested and certified. Our industry experts will advise you throughout every phase of your project cycle, and they will support you during the engineering of your system as needed.
All Phoenix Contact components undergo intensive testing in the independent and accredited Phoenix Testlab. Control cabinet solutions are designed and developed based on the required standards and directives. You can therefore be sure that our ready-to-use solutions meet the most stringent requirements. Regardless of the challenges you face when implementing your photovoltaic project, we will be glad to support you.

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IT security for photovoltaic networks Benefit from the expertise of our experts

Protect your systems against unauthorized access by people or malware. Industrial Ethernet from Phoenix Contact can be easily integrated into your automation infrastructure. After all, we use decades of experience in automation and industrial Ethernet networks to make Ethernet easy. Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive portfolio of services in the field of ICS security and industrial communication technology. We know and understand the requirements placed on automation and network technology in your photovoltaic system. We will therefore provide you with advice, evaluate, and plan on the basis of your application and implement the necessary measures.

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Training and workshops Exchange of specialist information, tailored to your level of knowledge

Based on intensive contact with our customers and years of on-site experience, we have developed a qualification concept allowing us to specify qualifications to meet your individual requirements: We offer you the appropriate service depending on the project phase, target group, and prior knowledge.

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After-sales service You can still rely on our service network even after you have made your purchase.

Our service teams excel thanks to their focused expertise, years of practical experience, and high degree of flexibility. Our service network is available to you during installation, commissioning, and operation even in the most remote regions of the world, for example with a free hotline system with 24-hour product support. In the event of an emergency, we can provide you with replacement parts outside of office hours.

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