Hydroelectric power plant with reservoir and mountains in background

Innovative technologies for power stations Intelligent and reliable solutions for efficient processes

With the steady growth of storage systems and decentralized generators, the change in our power generation landscape confronts us with the task of using a power supply that is both safe and clean at the same time. Conventional power stations are increasingly being replaced by renewable energy sources. The reasons behind this are climate change and other environmental sustainability issues. Nonetheless, many types of power stations have yet to be completely eliminated from our power generation landscape. The required network of different power plant technologies needs efficient and reliable processes.

Hydroelectric power generation has proven itself as renewable, although it still uses conventional technologies. This is what makes hydroelectric power very interesting in the context of a sustainable future. We would like to show you our products and solutions using hydroelectric power plants as an example. Please also take a look at the references. Our solutions function reliably even under extreme environmental conditions. They are specifically designed to meet the requirements of power stations. Connection and coding solutions ensure more efficient processes in power stations. Communication solutions ensure secure data transmission in accordance with IEC 61850 or PROFIBUS requirements.

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A stable power grid requires solutions that react intelligently and work reliably, also during unfavorable conditions. With decades of experience and innovative technologies, we ensure the superior availability of your system – now and in the future.

Matthias Schröder - Phoenix Contact, Business development manager, Energy Management
Matthias Schröder, expert for power generation in power stations
Different power supplies in the environment of a plant

High system availability

System availability as an important key figure determines the effectiveness of your power station. Low values can result from unplanned downtime or other causes and negatively impact your costs.

Ensure the consistently high availability of your system and prevent unplanned failures. Phoenix Contact’s test systems, power supplies, control systems, and remote control systems meet the highest quality standards and therefore ensure optimal system availability.

Person‘s hand efficiently wiring terminal blocks with Push-in technology

Efficient processes

Process optimization as the goal of every power station: Smooth processes, improved quality, and cost savings are the positive results that we drive forward together with you.

We provide easy planning, configuration, and installation of electrical connections. Plan and configure terminal strips quickly and conveniently. Benefit from our solutions for simple and safe wiring. That's how you optimize and shorten your processes.

Person‘s hand connecting future-proof connectors for power stations and the energy market

Future-oriented technologies

Networked and digitalized sectors and industries will become increasingly important in the future. This is the only way to optimally exchange data and information both within and outside of your power station.

New, intelligent technologies based on our many years of development experience ensure that your data is transmitted and processed quickly and reliably. This lets you reliably keep an eye on the data relevant to your system any time and anywhere in a constantly evolving market.

Two hands holding an identification plate for a plant in a power station

Smooth operation

With vast quantities of cables, wires, and other electronic or electromechanical components, it is often difficult to keep track of everything, even in power stations. Proper and traceable identification is therefore essential.

Proper identification helps to avoid operating errors. Ensure operations run smoothly with easy installation and maintenance. Our marking systems meet every demand and are particularly well-suited for power station maintenance.

Products for energy production in power stations The right solution for your application

Phoenix Contact provides you with innovative automation and connection technology for equipping your power stations. Many products were specially developed for the energy sector and stand out with their particularly robust design and clever functions. They naturally include user-friendly operation and seamless integration. Experience our product solutions in your power station.

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Our example applications give you an overview of the wide range of potential solutions we would be happy to implement according to your individual requirements.