Installation and mounting material for your control cabinet

Control cabinet accessories

With cabling systems, protective hoses, cable feed-throughs, and cable entry systems, control cabinet accessories provide protection and order in and around the control cabinet. In addition, shield clamps enable EMC-compliant wiring. Furthermore, sockets and service interfaces facilitate maintenance, servicing, and diagnostics.

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Your advantages

  • Clear and tidy control cabinets due to the mounting material and cable routing systems
  • Orderly conductor entry from the field into the control cabinet
  • Cable protection due to various protective hoses
  • EMC-compliant wiring to prevent interference and emissions
  • Simplified maintenance with service interfaces and control cabinet sockets
Cable feed-through plate and cable glands

Cable feed-through plate and cable glands

Cable entry systems

In the cable entry systems category, you will find everything for orderly and clear cable entry from the field into the control cabinet. In addition to the special feed-through plates, which guarantee a particularly orderly cable entry for a larger number of cables, you will also find simple cable glands. Furthermore, various accessories such as seals, corrugated pipes, and various adapters and adapter plates are included in the portfolio.

CGS cable guiding system

CGS cable guiding system

Cable guiding systems

The cable guiding systems product category covers all topics involving the actual routing of cables. In addition to the cable guiding systems in the control cabinet, such as the cable ducts or the CGS cable guiding system, the category also includes various protective hoses. Protective hoses are particularly suitable for safe cable routing outside the control cabinet. The protective hoses are available in various materials to withstand different ambient conditions.

Fastening material for the construction of an orderly control cabinet

Fastening material for the control cabinet

Fastening material

The mounting and fastening material consists of DIN rails, neutral busbars, end brackets, cable fixings, and various mounting adapters. Select the correct DIN rail and fixate it with the corresponding mounting adapters. The DIN rail adapters allow you to mount the DIN rails in a raised or angled position, for example. To prevent lateral displacement of the terminal blocks, use the wide range of end brackets. Besides fixating terminal strips, some end brackets enable easy integration of terminal group or terminal strip identification. The range also includes various support brackets suitable for mounting neutral busbars. For clear conductor bundling, the portfolio includes various cable ties.

Shield clamps

Shield clamps

Shield clamps

The shield clamps category includes all products that are required for EMC-compliant terminal block wiring. In addition to the various shield clamps, these also include the neutral busbars. This lets you protect your wiring inside the control cabinet against various interference effects, such as capacitive or inductive interference.

Service interface and electrical outlet

Service interface and electrical outlet

Electrical outlets and service interfaces

The service interfaces and control cabinet sockets make the maintenance of your control cabinets much easier. The service sockets allow you to directly connect simple power cables and service plugs such as RJ45, CAT5e, or D-SUB 9. This means you do not need any external sockets during maintenance.