Shield clamps to protect electronic components

Shield clamps

Shield clamps protect your systems against electromagnetic interference. This interference can lead to malfunctions or even failure of entire systems. To prevent these scenarios, the shield clamps consist of standard-compliant components. In addition to protecting your systems, the shield clamps are used to satisfy the EMC Directive with respect to CE conformity.

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Your advantages

  • Optimal electromagnetic compatibility thanks to EMC-compliant wiring
  • Interference-free signal transmission and signal processing
  • Optimal shielding attenuation thanks to a large-surface contact pad
  • Low transfer impedance due to direct, large-surface and low-resistance contact in neutral busbar (NLS) installations
  • Simple and compact shield clamp mounting on the NLS thanks to various support brackets
  • Easy connection of the NLS to the protective conductor of the control cabinet thanks to suitable connection terminal blocks
Shield clamp on a neutral busbar

Shield clamp on a neutral busbar

Professional shielding with shield clamps

Shield clamps are used both in the control cabinet and in systems to ensure the EMC-compliant wiring of signals, power supplies, and data cables. For reliable and EMC-compliant operation in the electromagnetic interference fields, the appropriate shielding must be ensured. The protection provided by shield clamps prevents both incoming and outgoing interference radiation. The main sources of interference include motor and frequency converters, strong magnetic alternating fields, radio waves, and both the capacitive and inductive couplings of other cables. Manufacturing companies and operators of machines and systems must comply with various legal and normative regulations regarding electromagnetic compatibility. These regulations are also part of CE marking.

SCC shield clamp with clamped conductor on the neutral busbar

SCC shield clamp

SCC shield clamps

SCC shield clamps feature quick and easy handling and provide an optimum shield that safely discharges interference. All shield clamps can be mounted with just one hand, without the need for tools. The force of the spring-cage connection technology is finely tuned so that the largest possible contact area is created without excessive deformation of the conductor. This ensures high contact quality and low transmission impedance. To ensure that the shielding is effective against interference, the shield clamp encloses at least 75% of the braided shield on the conductor. The large marking areas can be marked clearly to indicate which cables are to be connected, ensuring easy assignment. The SCC shield clamps are available in three mounting types, thus enabling direct mounting, DIN rail mounting, and neutral busbar mounting.

SK shield clamp with clamped conductor on the neutral busbar

SK shield clamp

SK shield clamps

The SK shield clamps are the screw version of the shield clamp portfolio. The knurled screw clamps the cables in place. The slot on the top of the knurled screw allows it to be tightened to a higher torque using a standard screwdriver. The pressure plate of the shield clamps enables optimum cable clamping. High contact quality is ensured by the elasticity and resulting flexibility. The large contact facing of the SK clamps enables optimum shield attenuation, as is also the case with the SCC clamps. The SK shield clamps are available in two mounting types, thus enabling direct mounting and neutral busbar mounting.

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Our brochures on shielding and shield clamps

Shielding is a complex issue. Whether you want to protect your systems against incoming interference or against interference emissions: EMC-compliant wiring is essential. In the following, you can download free PDF files on the topic of shielding. The first brochure, titled "Shielding," looks at the general topic of shielding. It provides you with an overview of the various types of interference and how to effectively counteract these types of interference. The second brochure, titled "SCC Shield Clamps," contains various information about our latest shield clamp family.

SCC shield clamp in front of a picture of a process industry

Industries with requirements for EMC-compliant wiring

Are you looking for a reliable partner? With our long-standing experience and track record as a partner and collaborator, and our extensive industry know-how, we comfortably serve various industries and markets. Shield clamps are used wherever EMC-compliant wiring is required. EMC means electromagnetic compatibility, which is the capacity of a device to work satisfactorily in an electromagnetic environment. The device itself must not cause any electromagnetic interference that would be unacceptable for other devices present in this environment. For this reason, shield clamps are particularly important in the areas of signal processing and signal forwarding.