CHARX power – DC power electronics for fast charging stations

DC power electronics for fast charging stations

Our highly efficient CHARX power power electronics and the convenient CHARX power distribute distribution module facilitate the cost-effective operation of your DC charging infrastructure for the fast charging of electric vehicles. Our modular and scalable solution supports DC charging with high voltages and currents all the way to High Power Charging (HPC). The distribution module supplies up to 5 fast charging modules with mains voltage.

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  • Fast installation and maintenance with 19" standard and Push-in fast connection
  • Efficient, space-saving operation with a high level of efficiency, high power density, and innovative design
  • Scalable charging power through the flexible connection of modules and assembly of the system cabinets
  • The distribution module supplies all power modules in the charging station with mains voltage efficiently and also saves space
  • Safe and reliable operation with numerous integrated protective functions in the distribution module

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AC distribution module

AC distribution module for 19" charging stations Distributing the AC mains voltage to the power modules

The new distribution module, CHARX power, supplies all of the components in your 19" charging station. The incoming AC mains voltage can be distributed to up to five power modules. It also supplies power to the control module.

With integrated surge protection, integrated circuit breakers, and protection against overheating, it ensures maximum safety of the downstream modules and conductors.

30 kW power module

30 kW power module for the charging infrastructure

The fast charging module is ideal for setting up DC charging technology right through to High Power Charging (HPC) for electric vehicles. It satisfies all European safety and EMC standards.

Installation and startup is quick and easy with the standardized 19″ size and the Push-Lock and T-LOX fast-connection technology.

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Video: Introducing DC power modules
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3D product view
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View the 30 kW power module in the greatest level of detail. The product can be viewed freely from all angles using the zoom and rotate functions.
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3D product view of a 30 kW power module

The modular 19" system in detail For quick rack mounting of your DC charging station

The system in a standard 19" format consists of several coordinated modules for distributing, transforming, and controlling the charging current: The new distribution module, CHARX power distribute, the new control module, CHARX control integrated, and the CHARX power basic power modules, can be combined to suit any charging situation.

Compared to the classic assembly with DIN rail components, the modular design with the CHARX system in the standard 19" dimension significantly reduces the complexity of a DC charging station. It also enables quick installation and module replacement.

Interactive image map: The modular CHARX system for 19" rack mounting
Power control module
CHARX control integrated combines all functions required to control and monitor your 19" charging station. The control module manages up to five 30 kW power modules for fast DC charging up to 150 kW. It simplifies the planning, installation, and maintenance of your charging station, because it combines all the necessary components, such as charging controller, insulation monitoring, power contactors, fuse, 24 V auxiliary power supply and many other components. They make fan control of the control cabinet, temperature measurement, and output voltage measurement, for example, possible. The module also features extensive communication interfaces for easy system integration and remote access.
Directly to the control module
Distribution module
CHARX power distribute supplies AC mains voltage to up to five power modules in your 19" fast charging station. It also supplies power to the control module. Integrated surge protection, miniature circuit breakers, and overheating protection ensure maximum safety for all downstream modules and conductors. This enables the fused connection of power modules of overvoltage category II.
Directly to the distribution module
Power modules
The highly efficient CHARX power basic fast-charging modules, allow more economic operation of your DC charging infrastructure.They convert AC mains power into the DC power needed for e-vehicle fast charging. The compact 19″ rack modules can be installed directly in the charging station and interconnected in any way in accordance with power requirements.
Directly to the AC/DC power module
Interconnect up to five power modules
With the modular design of a 19" charging station, a charging power of up to 150 kW can be realized by interconnecting up to five 30 kW power modules.
Fast-connection technology
The Push-in fast connection and the T-LOX knee-lever connection allow the use of stripped or ferruled conductor ends, ensuring fast installation and easy maintenance.
Space-saving, efficient design
Especially for charging stations in urban locations, the space requirement is a key factor. Other comparable systems with an identical charging power have a significantly higher space requirement and require additional wiring work.
Comprehensive interfaces
Easily connect your peripheral devices such as the charging cable, touch panels, RFID readers, status LEDs, and power electronics with CCS, CAN bus, OCPP, TCP/IP, RS-485, and I/Os communication interfaces.
Freely programmable in accordance with IEC 61131
The CHARX control integrated control module is extremely flexible in use and features free programming in accordance with IEC 61131, giving you the ability to fully customize the software and user interface of your charging station.

Our DC power modules in comparison

See the differences at a glance

DC/DC power module 30 kW (suitable for 19" rack mounting)
AC/DC power module 30 kW (suitable for 19" rack mounting)
AC/DC power module 87.5 kW (suitable for separately available system cabinet)
DC/DC power module 30 kW (suitable for 19" rack mounting)

AC/DC power module 30 kW (suitable for 19" rack mounting)

AC/DC power module 87.5 kW (suitable for separately available system cabinet)

Output power 30 kW 30 kW 87.5 kW
Output current 100 A 100 A 125 A
Efficiency >95% >95% >97%
Electrical isolation
Dimensions W x H x D 483 mm (19") x 134 mm (3 RU) x 550 mm 483 mm (19") x 134 mm (3 RU) x 550 mm 536 mm x 222 mm x 600 mm (600 mm x 1800 mm x 800 mm)
EMC standard DIN EN 61851-21-2, Class B DIN EN 61851-21-2, Class B DIN EN 61851-21-2, Class A
V2X (vehicle-to-X)
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) High High High
Directly to the product Directly to the product Directly to the product