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PLCnext Technology
The Platform for limitless automation

In a rapidly changing world, in which more things are now networked together than there are people, industrial automation is also undergoing a fundamental shift: classic system structures are developing into cyber physical systems, and future-oriented automation systems must be flexible, open, and networked.

It is time for a platform that provides completely new levels of freedom for automation.
It is time to think in new ways.
It is time for:

PLCnext Technology
enhance your automation thinking

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No matter what you are looking for – short software tutorials, helpful online trainings or live recordings and reports of fairs and events – here you can find all video material related to PLCnext Technology. In order not to miss any new application examples and live reports, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch the latest clips on a regular basis.

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enhanced development

Connected coworking

With PLCnext Technology, several developers from different generations can work on one controller program independently of each other using different programming languages. Thus, you can develop complex applications quickly using the advantages of the classic PLC world and the openness and flexibility of PLCnext Technology.

enhanced performance

Real-time execution across different programming languages

Combine program sequences in different languages into tasks as desired. The task-handling of the PLCnext Technology (patent applied for) lets program routines of different origin run like a classical IEC-61131-PLC-code – Your high-level language programs become automatically deterministic. The platform ensures consistent data exchange and synchronous execution of the program code.

enhanced freedom

Flexible integration of open-source software and apps

PLCnext Technology enables any desired combination of independently created program parts and complete applications. The use of open-source software and apps improves the efficiency of your development processes. There are no limits to future expansions.

enhanced connectivity

Open interfaces and cloud integration

PLCnext Technology enables the integration of current and future interfaces and protocols for open communication in highly networked automation systems. Implement new IoT-based business models through direct connection to cloud-based services and databases.

enhanced convenience

Using your favorite programming tool

The openness of PLCnext Technology makes it possible to use your favorite programming language, be it IEC 61131 or high-level language. Develop your individual solution comfortably in a familiar development environment, such as PC Worx Engineer, Matlab Simulink, Eclipse or Visual Studio.

enhance your
automation thinking

The platform for limitless automation

PLCnext Technology makes it possible to implement automation projects without the limits of proprietary systems. You work freely with your favorite programming languages and development tools, open-source software and apps. You can also integrate cloud services and future technologies individually.


PLCnext Control

AXC F 2152
Order number 2404267

PLCnext Control combines the reliability and security of the classic PLC world with the openness and flexibility of smart devices. The controller makes it possible now to implement automation projects without the limits of proprietary systems.

  • PLC-typical real time performance and data consistency, also for high-level languages and model-based code
  • Limitless adaption capability through quick, simple integration of open-source software, apps, and future technologies
  • Intelligent networking through direct cloud connection and integration of current and future communication standards
  • Quick application development: Several developers work independently in different programming languages

The first customers of PLCnext Control benefit exclusively from an external memory expansion module free of charge.
This is a voluntary benefit that is temporary and can be revoked at any time.

PLCnext Technology wins the Achema Innovation Award 2018


On June 12, 2018, PLCnext Technology was awarded the Achema Innovation Award in the category MCR Technology and Process Automation. The most innovative development was selected from a shortlist of five candidates in each of a total of eight categories and three special categories. As part of a festive award ceremony, Phoenix Contact was awarded a certificate and the coveted award for the new, innovative control platform.

We are grateful and delighted to have won this award.

Winner of the German Innovation Award 2018


The PLCnext Control AXC F 2152 controller from Phoenix Contact won the German Innovation Award in the Connectivity category on June 6, 2018. The jury attached great importance to the level of innovation, the user benefits and the cost effectiveness of the new control platform.
The German Innovation Award process is unique: participation is open only to companies that have been nominated in advance by expert committees and scouts of the German Design Council. This guarantees the independence and level of excellence of the award.

We are incredibly pleased to have won this award.

Modular software platform

PC Worx Engineer 7
Order number 1046008

For users who want program according to IEC 61131, there is a new software platform available now, consistent with PLCnext Control. PC Worx Engineer combines all of the basic functions needed for configuration, programming, visualization, and diagnostics. Using function add-ins, additional functions and interfaces can be incorporated into the software easily.

  • Time and cost savings, thanks to fully integrated programming in a single interface
  • Less work and training involved, thanks to the optimized user interface
  • Flexible engineering, thanks to the integration of individual function add-ins in the free basic version
  • Simplified engineering process, thanks to the use of automation modules and object-oriented programming

Easy introduction to automation with PLCnext Technology

PLCnext Technology starter kit
Order number 1046568

Do you want to try out the operation, handling, and performance of PLCnext Technology in a small-scale application first? Then simply order our pre-installed starter kit. Phoenix Contact provides you with a starter kit on the basis of PLCnext Control AXC F 2152 for your test application. Apart from the controller, you will receive the following components: voltage switch, digital input and output module, analog input and output module, potentiometers, switch module and power supply unit, patch cable, mains plug according to country and documentation.

When you order the starter kit, you additionally obtain exclusive, free access to Phoenix Contact PROFICLOUD for one year. In doing so, you can not only discover the open control platform, but also all the advantages of professional cloud solutions.


Further information and downloads

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You can find all information concerning the open control platform in the PLCnext community. Discover application examples, instructions for use, further instructions, tutorials, training videos, and FAQs or software and firmware downloads. Become a part of the community and discuss with other users about your personal experiences with PLCnext Technology. We look forward to your ideas and your feedback.

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