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PLCnext Technology
The ecosystem for limitless automation

In a rapidly changing world, in which more things are now networked together than there are people, industrial automation is also undergoing a fundamental shift: classic system structures are developing into cyber physical systems, and future-oriented automation systems must be flexible, open, and networked.

It is time for an ecosystem that provides completely new levels of freedom for automation.
It is time to think in new ways.
It is time for:

PLCnext Technology
enhance your automation thinking

PLCnext Store now online

The software store for industry

The PLCnext Store is extending the PLCnext Technology ecosystem with a digital marketplace for software apps. With the open software store for industrial automation, a PLCnext Control device can be functionally extended. With solution apps that do

PLCnext Technology on GitHub

Use and share open-source code

You will now find open-source projects, practical application examples and exciting applications with PLCnext Technology on GitHub. You can share your ideas and work together with the community at https://github.com/plcnext. Become a part of the

Tutorials for technical support

Quick and clear explanations

Do you have a specific question regarding PLCnext Engineer or you just want to familiarize yourself with the software interface? No problem! Our tutorials now provide you with a simple introduction to the PLCnext Technology software and automation

enhanced development

Connected coworking

With PLCnext Technology, several developers from different generations can work on one controller program independently of each other using different programming languages. Thus, you can develop complex applications quickly using the advantages of the classic PLC world and the openness and flexibility of PLCnext Technology.

enhanced performance

Real-time execution across different programming languages

Combine program sequences in different languages into tasks as desired. The task-handling of the PLCnext Technology (patent applied for) lets program routines of different origin run like a classical IEC-61131-PLC-code – Your high-level language programs become automatically deterministic. The platform ensures consistent data exchange and synchronous execution of the program code.

enhanced freedom

Flexible integration of open-source software and apps

PLCnext Technology enables any desired combination of independently created program parts and complete applications. The use of open-source software and apps improves the efficiency of your development processes. There are no limits to future expansions.

enhanced connectivity

Open interfaces and cloud integration

PLCnext Technology enables the integration of current and future interfaces and protocols for open communication in highly networked automation systems. Implement new IoT-based business models through direct connection to cloud-based services and databases.

enhanced convenience

Using your favorite programming tool

The openness of PLCnext Technology makes it possible to use your favorite programming language, be it IEC 61131 or high-level language. Develop your individual solution comfortably in a familiar development environment, such as PC Worx Engineer, Matlab Simulink, Eclipse or Visual Studio.

enhance your
automation thinking

The platform for limitless automation

PLCnext Technology makes it possible to implement automation projects without the limits of proprietary systems. You work freely with your favorite programming languages and development tools, open-source software and apps. You can also integrate cloud services and future technologies individually.

PLCnext Control


Using controllers based on PLCnext Technology, multiple developers from different generations can work on one controller program independently of each other using different programming languages. This way, you develop complex applications quickly using the advantages of the classic PLC world and the openness and flexibility of PLCnext Technology.

Modular software platform

PLCnext Engineer
Order number 1046008

For users who want program according to IEC 61131, there is a new software platform available now, consistent with PLCnext Control. PLCnext Engineer combines all of the basic functions needed for configuration, programming, visualization, and diagnostics. Using function add-ins, additional functions and interfaces can be incorporated into the software easily.

  • Time and cost savings, thanks to fully integrated programming in a single interface
  • Less work and training involved, thanks to the optimized user interface
  • Flexible engineering, thanks to the integration of individual function add-ins in the free basic version
  • Simplified engineering process, thanks to the use of automation modules and object-oriented programming

PLCnext Store – An open software store for automation


The PLCnext Store provides software applications (apps) that enable you to expand the functions of PLCnext Control directly and easily. The open nature of the store also allows third-party suppliers to sell apps they have developed. At the PLCnext Store, you can obtain the most varied apps for any application – from software libraries for accelerated programming through completely programmed apps that can be used without any programming knowledge.

PROFICLOUD – Professional Cloud Solutions


The Proficloud IoT platform provides you with intelligent communication, networked control technology, smart cloud services, and comprehensive data analysis. This means that Proficloud offers you solutions that meet the new requirements of automation and enable new digital business models.

Become a part of the PLCnext Community!

You can find all information concerning the open control platform in the PLCnext community. Discover application examples, instructions for use, further instructions, tutorials, training videos, and FAQs or software and firmware downloads. Become a part of the community and discuss with other users about your personal experiences with PLCnext Technology. We look forward to your ideas and your feedback.

Exchange of ideas and experiences
Contacting specialists
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Videos, tutorials and more

No matter what you are looking for – short software tutorials, helpful online trainings or live recordings and reports of fairs and events – here you can find all video material related to PLCnext Technology. In order not to miss any new application examples and live reports, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch the latest clips on a regular basis.

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The AXC F 2152 PLCnext Control and its basis, PLCnext Technology, have already won multiple awards. The level of innovation, user benefits, and cost-effectiveness of the new control platform have earned special mention. In addition to the Achema Innovation Award, we also had the honor of receiving the German Innovation Award.

We are grateful and delighted to have won these awards.