Solutions for electrical installations

Solutions for electrical installations

More efficient electrical installation

Our comprehensive range for electrical installations provides you with successful support in many of your tasks.

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  • Terminal blocks for distribution boards
    Terminal blocks for distribution boards

    Whatever your preferred method of working, we provide PTI installation terminal blocks with Push-in connection technology as well as UTI installation terminal blocks with screw connection technology for wiring electrical distribution boards.

  • Communication technology
    Communication technology

    The failsafe networking of all devices provides the basis for the reliable automation and digitalization of a building.

  • Cable connections
    Cable connections

    Extending cables and repairing damaged cables are everyday tasks in the electrical trade. QPD cable connectors make quick work of this.

  • Marking and labeling
    Marking and labeling

    Carry out marking directly on site with our mobile marking systems – no need for expensive equipment or long trips.

  • Products for photovoltaic systems
    Products for photovoltaic systems

    From photovoltaic panels and string combiner boxes to inverters – we offer a wide range of products that meet the highest standards and components that complement each other perfectly.

  • Relay systems
    Relay systems

    Whether electromechanical and solid-state relays or timer and monitoring relays, choose the right product for your installation.

  • Power supplies
    Power supplies

    Our power supplies are optimally tailored to the needs of small-scale applications and modern building automation.

  • Tools
    Professional tools for electrical installations

    You’ll enjoy working with our tools: they are reliable, durable, and sit comfortably in the hand.

Installation time is an increasingly important factor in modern building installations. So that your installations are particularly efficient and cost-effective, we provide you with the devices, components, and systems that you need.

With our tailored products, we provide you with expert support covering all aspects of connection, marking, protection, and distribution.

My printer to GO – marking directly on-site


With the THERMOMARK GO mobile label printer, you can create markings directly on site using your smartphone or tablet.

The handy and robust device processes a large number of different materials and allows clear marking for numerous applications. Mark your electrical installations easily and flexibly, and save time in the process.

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