Profile and DIN-rail cutters

A clean cut

A clean cut

Ensure a clean and safe work environment: cut plastic or metal profiles burr free.

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Profile and DIN-rail cutters from Phoenix Contact cut material up to 2.5 mm thick in a matter of seconds – using a lever mechanism that requires minimum effort. Guides, limit stops, and engraved measuring rails ensure that the material is kept perpendicular for processing with millimeter precision.

Your advantages

  • No rework: burr-free cutting
  • Minimum effort and low impact, thanks to leverage
  • Durable – high-quality components and raw materials
  • Everything from a single source, thanks to the comprehensive product range

Cutting with millimeter precision

Profile and DIN rail cutters  

Cut profiles to length with millimeter precision

With the profile and DIN-rail cutters, you can set the length exactly using a limit stop. The engraved millimeter/inch area on the machine is permanently resistant to wear.

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