Portable stripping and crimping device

Portable stripping and crimping device

Simply good

This tool makes treating conductors fun – Stripping and crimping in less than two seconds.

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The Crimphandy is the smallest available hand-held stripping and crimping device. It takes just two seconds to assemble your conductors. The Crimphandy strips, fits a ferrule, and crimps in a single step.

Your advantages

  • Time saving of up to 75%, thanks to combining steps and very easy operation
  • Consistent optimum results, thanks to automatic monitoring functions
  • Unlimited mobile use, thanks to battery operation and supply magazine

Easy operation

Very easy operation  

Very easy operation

The automated stripping and crimping function makes operating the device easier. Feed in an unprocessed conductor, automatically strip and crimp it – and you're done!

The device continually indicates its operating state via colored LEDs. Operating elements comprise simply switching on/off, and device resetting.

Optimal work results

Automatic cross section monitoring prevents faulty crimping  

Optimal work results

The Crimphandy is equipped with a capacitive sensor system for detecting the cross section of inserted conductors. The device automatically detects if a conductor may not fit, reliably preventing faulty crimping. The error is shown via an LED.

This guarantees high-quality crimp execution. The square crimp produced is usable in all terminal points and terminal slots. Pull-out forces are well above the required standard.

Mobile use

Mobile use thanks to high-power battery  

Mobile use thanks to high-power battery

Work in or at a control cabinet should not be hindered by cables or hoses. The Crimphandy has a high-performance, easy-to-replace lithium-ion polymer battery for up to 2000 crimping operations.

This means your mobile hand-held device is ready to use for several days. The included quick charger charges the battery to full capacity in just one hour.

Uninterrupted working

Automatic ferrule feeding from the integrated magazine  

Automatic ferrule feeding

The Crimphandy has an integrated magazine for ferrules in strip form. The automatic feed enables multiple conductors to be crimped one after another without interruption.

Clean working environment

Easy to empty collecting chamber for waste insulation  

Collecting chamber for waste insulation

The Crimphandy has a lightweight, removable collecting chamber for waste insulation. This guarantees a clean working environment. This enables the device to be used inside a control cabinet.

Easy conductor cutting

Easy conductor cutting  

Easy conductor cutting

The CRIMPHANDY CUTTER lets you cut conductors to the right length correctly and easily. The practical cutter is quick and easy to install.

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Crimphandy vs. classic conductor pretreatment

One tool, one operating step, and time-savings of approx. 75%.