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Connector - QO-SET - 1548626

QUICKON set for replacement purposes, consisting of splice ring, pressure nut and line seal

Cover - EA 7-WS - 0800747

Single covers, for covering one terminal block, with black symbol (lightning flash) snap fit, color: transparent/yellow

DIN rail, unperforated - NS 35/ 7,5 V2A UNPERF 2000MM - 0801377

DIN rail, unperforated, Standard profile, width: 35 mm, height: 7.5 mm, acc. to EN 60715, material: Stainless steel V2A, uncoated, length: 2000 mm, color: silver

DIN rail perforated - NS 35/ 7,5 PERF 2000MM - 0801733

DIN rail perforated, Standard profile, width: 35 mm, height: 7.5 mm, acc. to EN 60715, material: Steel, galvanized, passivated with a thick layer, length: 2000 mm, color: silver

Screw set - DFK-MC SS - 0710015

Screw set, for securing the header to the housing wall, consists of M2 x 8 screw, spring washer and nut, 1 piece each

Insulating sleeve - PT/FS 2,8 - 1406700

Insulating sleeve, as touch protection, slide onto the conductor before for 2.8 slip-on sleeves

PCB terminal block - ZFKDS 4-12,5/ 2 - 1704657

PCB terminal block, pitch: 12.7 mm, number of positions: 2, connection method: Spring-cage connection, mounting: Wave soldering, color: green

PCB terminal block - GRZ 2,5 V-EX - 1706112

Flange plate, must be mounted at both sides for each terminal group or group of ten, color: black

119,491 Results

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