DUSPOL EXPERT - Voltage tester

Voltage tester, for DC and AC voltages from 12 V to 1000 V AC/1000 V DC, IP65

Product details

Your advantages

DC and AC voltage tests in the range from 12 V to 690 V AC/750 V DC, fully functional even without batteries
Polarity test (+/-) for DC voltage
Single-pos. test of the phase conductor
Indicator for the direction of rotating field of a three-phase network as long as the star point is grounded
Measuring point lighting
Load connection via pushbutton
Overvoltage category CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V in accordance with IEC/EN 61243-3
Vibration alarm for safe voltage detection
Shock-proof, dust-proof, and splash-proof housing, IP65
Audible and optical continuity test