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Digitalization opens up new possibilities for tunnel automation. More efficient engineering and fast commissioning with standardized solutions are clear advantages. The combination of high-availability systems, predictive maintenance, and servicing enable sustainable and long-lasting operation of the tunnel.

You can also benefit from digitalization and realize challenging tunnel projects with an experienced and reliable partner!

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Digitally networked tunnel
Futuristic representation of data transmission in the tunnel

Digitalization in tunnel automation

Road, rail, and subway tunnels have a crucial role to play in the development of an efficient and sustainable mobility system. But high requirements on the
construction, safe operation, and the degree of automation of the tunnels pose major challenges for planners, operators, and system integrators. Increasingly complex projects and large increases in transport services require digital solutions.

Phoenix Contact will support you in these digitalization processes. Together with you, we will make both new and existing tunnels fit for the requirements of the future – whether with the help of a digital twin or with BIM models.

Our solutions for your tunnel applications

Tunnel automation projects include a wide variety of applications. Phoenix Contact provides technology for the all the electrical engineering processes in tunnel infrastructure – starting with the central element of the control technology, with the integration of the sensors and actuators, through surge protection, all the way to the comprehensive safety concept.

Interactive image map: Solutions for tunnel applications
Respond flexibly to different lighting situations. Energy-saving tunnel lighting with solutions from Phoenix Contact.
More about tunnel lighting
Safe applications and evacuation
Ensure safe evacuation and reliable supply to the tunnel. You can rely on safety-related solutions and technologies from Phoenix Contact.
More about tunnel safety
Safe applications and evacuation
Connection to the supervisory control room
Phoenix Contact enables you to securely connect and easily control your tunnel structures from higher-level control rooms.
More about connecting to the supervisory control room
Connection to the supervisory control room
Phoenix Contact provides reliable automation solutions for the energy-efficient and cost-effective operation of your tunnel ventilation system.
More about tunnel ventilation
Phoenix Contact supports you in controlling your tunnel pumping stations in a cost-effective and targeted way.
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Video surveillance
Seamless video surveillance is essential for the safety of particularly hazardous road and rail sections in tunnels. Phoenix Contact provides innovative surveillance technology for tunnels.
More about tunnel video surveillance
Video surveillance
Surge protection
Protect your tunnel infrastructure with an effective surge protection concept from Phoenix Contact.
More about tunnel surge protection
Surge protection
Industrial network technology
Phoenix Contact provides a wide selection of powerful network components that you can use to create a high-availability Ethernet network for your tunnel application.
More about industrial network technology for tunnels
Industrial network technology
Power supply and power distribution
Avoid failures by using high-availability grid monitoring and protection controllers. With Phoenix Contact, you always have a reliable partner by your side who can deliver a reliable power supply feed-in and consistent power distribution.
More about power supply and distribution for tunnels
Power supply and power distribution
Monitoring and controlling tunnel processes
Programmed function blocks make it easier to integrate Phoenix Contact tunnel solutions into the control system.
More about the Tunnel Functions software library
Monitoring and controlling tunnel processes

Ready-to-use solutions for tunnel infrastructure

Based on industry expertise, long-standing experience, and taking specific requirements into account, we create preconfigured control cabinet and software solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability. Find out for yourself.

Your advantages

  • Secure remote access certified in accordance with IEC 62443 and which meets the European NIS Directive
  • Increased productivity through the holistic consideration of data, resources, and systems
  • Reliable communication with redundant network structures
  • Quick and easy connection of sensors and actuators via preprogrammed software solutions
Video: Beveren tunnel closure
Beveren tunnel closure YouTube

Why our tunnel industry customers choose Phoenix Contact

According to the current European tunnel guidelines, it must be ensured that traffic and road users are immediately diverted via the safest escape route in the event of a serious accident. This allows rescue services to reach the tunnel much faster and save lives.

In order to close affected tunnels in time, Phoenix Contact has developed a software solution for the traffic authority in Belgium. The uniform software structure features a clear, configurable interface.

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