Robot with the Smart Camera Box camera connection box for video surveillance

Video surveillance for trade and industry Video surveillance solutions for a safe world

Whether you need just a few cameras in a small industrial plant or hundreds of cameras to secure a larger facility, Phoenix Contact provides scalable network solutions that can be easily adapted to your specific video surveillance system.

We analyze your video surveillance network from a holistic perspective. As specialists in all products and services required to connect cameras to video servers, we offer industrial solutions that ensure that no footage is lost. Your video surveillance system is only as secure as the network that connects all of the components.

Integrated video surveillance solutions – live demo
Integrated video surveillance solutions – live demo YouTube

Video surveillance overview

Do you want to find out more about our video surveillance solutions but would rather not read a great deal of text? Then simply watch our video on the topic.

To ensure the highest level of safety for your applications, the demo will show you the advantages of integrated, industrial video surveillance solutions.

Innovative products for video surveillance

Phoenix Contact offers integrated industrial surveillance solutions, from video servers to cameras, with products that are robust and also reliable, even under extreme conditions. Our range of products includes integrated solutions such as the Smart Ethernet Box, the Gigabit Ethernet extender, or individual control cabinet components that can be easily adapted to your specific video surveillance system.

Open Smart Ethernet Box camera connection box

The Smart Ethernet Box complete solution

Smart Ethernet Box The all-in-one device for video surveillance

Conventional camera connection boxes for video surveillance have a number of weak points. The boxes, each constructed from individual products and using complex wiring, are often fitted with components that are not suitable for use in industrial applications or outdoor applications.

The Smart Ethernet Box combines IP surveillance cameras securely with the video server and combines the power supply, Ethernet Switch, surge protection, and connection technology in one compact device. Numerous management and monitoring functions ensure reliable operation of your video system.

The Smart Ethernet Box also features an industrial-grade design with user-oriented installation convenience. The integrated mounting adapter for wall and mast mounting makes installation much easier and quicker. This saves you time during planning and installation.

Two Gigabit Ethernet extenders with 2-wire and coaxial cables

Gigabit Ethernet extender for broadband applications

Gigabit Ethernet extenders High-speed Ethernet up to 1 km

The Gigabit extenders enable broadband Gigabit applications over any 2-wire cable and coaxial cables up to 1 km. Use existing cables for demanding Ethernet applications and minimize the investment costs of your installation.

With the Power-over-Link (PoL) and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functions, you supply the entire network and connected devices with power via the data lines.

Connection and communication technology products for the DIN rail

Modular video surveillance solution with individual components for the connection box

Modular solution Individual components for your application

For an alternative to the preassembled Smart Ethernet Box, Phoenix Contact provides a wide range of connection and communication technology products that can be combined to create an application-oriented solution to connect your camera and video server.

Use our industrial-grade individual components to build your custom camera connection boxes and connect your cameras to your network more efficiently and robustly than ever before.

Service employee working on the video surveillance camera

We assist you during the crucial phases of your project

Service and support for your video surveillance system

Our industry experts advise you during every phase of your project cycle and, if required, take over the engineering of your system. All Phoenix Contact components undergo intensive testing in the independent and accredited Phoenix Testlab.

Control cabinet solutions are designed and engineered in accordance with the required standards and directives. You can therefore be sure that our finished solution products satisfy the stringent requirements.

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