Water intake tower of a dam

Video surveillance in water management In line with the highest security standards

Since the 1960s, the drinking water supply of sovereign states has become particularly important. Especially for those in conflict situations with other countries. Like other utilities, this is critical infrastructure that requires special measures for its maintenance and protection. Video surveillance is used as a preventive measure here.

Drinking water tank

Drinking water tank

Sufficient drinking water

Video surveillance of water supply plants is often an effective approach. In contrast to power grid operators, the networks for distributed parts of the water supply in particular are typically not redundant and these routes therefore have particular significance.

Vandalism and unauthorized access to elevated tanks, wells, and other technical equipment is a recurring problem and the culprits are usually unaware of the actual damage they cause. In the USA, one incident resulted in approximately 1.43 million hectoliters (38 million gallons) of drinking water being drained, which also caused significant monetary losses. An early warning system with video surveillance could have probably prevented this criminal act. What is needed, therefore, is connection technology that is installed outdoors, protects against vandalism, and provides years of reliable service.

Intermediate storage of precipitation water in a rain- and floodwater system

Intermediate storage of precipitation water

Protect rain- and floodwater systems

Video surveillance solutions have become widely established in water treatment applications. In many countries there are also strategies for monitoring wastewater treatment.

Monitoring inlets, screens, storage reservoirs, sewers, and service buildings offers significant potential savings by eliminating the need for time-consuming on-site inspections. In addition, the necessary measures can often already be initiated on the basis of the video recordings.

The combination of process control visualization with real images is a great advantage, not just in central areas, because this allows employees to have the data at any desired location. This significantly benefits those in support service roles, but is also invaluable in the event of heavy rain, flooding, or accidents.

Smart Ethernet Box with open door

Monitoring technology for water management – Smart Ethernet Box

Video surveillance with the Smart Ethernet Box

All the components for a reliable CCTV infrastructure in a single device: The Smart Ethernet Box is an all-in-one device that is connected directly to the cameras. The integrated mounting adapter for wall and mast mounting makes installation much easier and quicker. Simply snap in, connect, and you’re done! You’ll never miss another thing.

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