Motor starters and electronic switching devices

Motor starters and electronic switching devices

Motor starters switch and reverse motors quickly and reliably. We offer motor starters for switching and reversing asynchronous motors as well as DC motors. Electronic switching devices such as solid-state contactors switch resistive and inductive loads silently and without wear. Increase system availability and benefit from all the advantages of easy handling by using our switching devices.

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Hybrid motor starter on the DIN rail

Hybrid motor starters

Hybrid motor starters Switch and reverse motors quickly and reliably with compact hybrid motor starters.

Switch motors safely and reliably with compact stand-alone, modular, and network-capable hybrid motor starters. The devices are used wherever three-phase asynchronous motors, from 50 W to 3 kW, need to be reversed and protected. The product range of hybrid motor starters consists of direct and reversing starters, which are available with various functions such as emergency stop and motor protection.

Motor starter for DC motors on the DIN rail

Motor starter for DC motors

Motor starter for DC motors Switch your DC motors quickly and reliably

Electronic load relays and reversing load relays provide fast switching of DC motors. Reversing load relays reverse and brake DC motors up to 24 V/10 A without wear. Benefit from easy wiring with the integrated locking circuit and load wiring.

Solid-state contactors on the DIN rail

Solid-state contactors

Solid-state contactors Solid-state contactors – silent and reliable for every AC voltage network

Solid-state contactors are far superior to mechanical contactors in terms of switching speed, service life, and robustness. This is because they also work reliably and with stable switching times in dusty or chemically aggressive atmospheres. They switch resistive and inductive loads silently and without wear. The solid-state contactors in the CONTACTRON series are available for single- and three-phase networks and, depending on the type, also provide a reversing function.

Speed starter versions on the DIN rail

Speed starters

Speed starters Connect, set, start: The new speed starter with particularly intuitive operation

This compact solution provides all of the functions necessary for different speeds, soft start, and safe stopping with the Safe Torque Off (STO) function. The safe, simple, and efficient operation of three-phase asynchronous motors is an important objective in a large number of applications. The CONTACTRON Speed Starter provides simple operation with various speeds, from normal speed, creeping speed, and soft start, all the way to energy efficiency and ramping functions.