Industrial communication – From fieldbus to Industrial Ethernet

Industrial communication – From fieldbus through to Industrial Ethernet

The aim of industrial communication is the reliable transmission of data from the field through to the control level. Consistent solutions with Industrial Ethernet, state-of-the-art wireless technologies, and cybersecurity increase the availability and security of the networked systems here. Network protocols and fieldbus systems such as PROFINET, OPC UA, PROFIBUS and INTERBUS ensure efficient communication.

Product Family

Consistent communication from control level to field level

Digitalization requires all systems and components to be networked end to end with each other – from the sensor level right through to the cloud. As part of this approach, Ethernet has established itself as a common communication standard for end-to-end networking from the field level up to the control level and on into the office realm (IT).

Digitization in production

Digitization in production

In the world of industrial automation today, however, traditional fieldbuses, different protocols, and end devices with serial interfaces are often still being used. Therefore, Phoenix Contact provides serial device servers and gateways that incorporate the different communication systems into the Industrial Ethernet network and then convert the data, thus making it available anywhere in the network.
Robust automation switches that intelligently distribute all of the data in the network ensure reliable networking at the field and control levels. High-performance backbone switches enable easy networking with the IT network (corporate network). Firewalls that guarantee controlled and secure communication between the network segments ensure the required security.

Industrial communication via copper, fiber optics, and wireless

Industrial communication via copper, fiber optics, and wireless

Industrial communication via copper, fiber optics, and wireless: Everything from a single source

Which transmission medium is suitable for your application? If you want to bridge large distances, fiber optics (FO) are recommended. If installing cables is too expensive or not possible, wireless solutions such as WLAN, Bluetooth, Trusted Wireless, right through to WirelessHART are options for short and medium distances. If no communication lines are available, existing mobile phone networks provide a good alternative. Phoenix Contact has suitable components for every transmission medium: from media converters for converting to FO, to (mobile) wireless modules, through to the ideal connectors, cables, and antennas.

High-performance and reliable networks

High-performance and reliable networks

Process-related data such as measurement values, status messages, and commands, is being exchanged permanently between the computers of your automation system. Moreover, additional information such as for process optimization or for predictive maintenance, is being forwarded to the office level. In order to reliably transport these ever increasing amounts of data, Phoenix Contact provides high-performance network components with Gigabit transmission and intelligent filter functions.
Furthermore, redundancy mechanisms such as MRP, DLR, RSTP, PRP, etc., enable you to design your production network to be especially failsafe, thus increasing availability.

Cyber Security and network security

Cybersecurity is an essential prerequisite for a reliable network.

Cybersecurity for increased network security

As the amount of networking increases, network security is playing an increasingly important role. To protect your systems from threats and unauthorized access, our components support functions such as network segmentation, firewalling, secure remote access, encrypted data transmission, port security, and more.

At Phoenix Contact, however, comprehensive cybersecurity goes beyond just providing security functions: it starts with secure product development, continues with ongoing analysis and immediate elimination of potential security gaps, the long-term availability of necessary updates, right through to providing secure turnkey solutions and consulting services.

Secure connection of decentralized stations and control room

Secure connection of decentralized stations with the control room

Remote maintenance via the Internet and cloud

Maintenance and servicing work can be performed quickly and efficiently with direct access to widely distributed industrial plants. Depending on your requirements, you can use existing lines or communicate worldwide via the mobile phone network. Phoenix Contact provides the right solution for every application: from DSL, LAN, and mobile routers through to fieldbus and Ethernet extenders. To safeguard your network connections against interference and manipulation, Phoenix Contact provides products featuring state-of-the-art security mechanisms such as VPN, IPsec encryption, and integrated firewalls.