Gigabit Ethernet extenders, PROFIBUS extenders, and serial extenders - easy network connection

Gigabit Ethernet extenders, PROFIBUS extenders, and serial extenders - easy network connection

With Ethernet extenders, you can connect Ethernet networks economically over large distances. In Gigabit applications, you can even achieve ranges of up to 20 km.
Use existing cables for sophisticated Ethernet installations to minimize investment costs. Find the ideal extender for your application.

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Two Gigabit Ethernet extenders with coaxial and 2-wire cable

Gigabit Ethernet extenders for video surveillance

Gigabit Ethernet extenders

State-of-the-art video technology places ever-greater demands on the network infrastructure. Gigabit Ethernet extenders enable broadband Ethernet applications up to 1 Gbps over distances up to 1 km.

The devices are suitable for existing 2-wire cables as well as for coaxial cables. You can avoid high installation costs through the sustainable use of existing cables. With the Power-over-Link (PoL) and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functions, you supply the entire network and connected devices with power via the data lines.

In addition, the Gigabit Ethernet extenders enable a flexible network setup with a point-to-point, line, or star structure. Commissioning is simple via Plug and Play – without additional software.

Ethernet extender in a ring topology

Ethernet extender system

Ethernet extenders

With Ethernet extenders, you can connect Ethernet networks over distances up to 20 km via simple 2-wire cables. You can combine managed and unmanaged Ethernet extenders in the same network. This innovative approach not only connects simple point-to-point Ethernet applications to create an extender system, but also large IP networks. Moreover, the devices enable extremely easy commissioning using Plug and Play as well as the cost-effective networking and diagnostics of all devices and paths via IP. All extender paths and devices can be easily monitored remotely using a single managed extender. In the event of unexpected events such as line attenuation, you are issued a detailed warning.

Managed Ethernet extender with swappable surge protection

The Managed Ethernet extender makes your Ethernet network simple and cost-effective

Managed Ethernet extender

Thanks to the Managed Ethernet extender, you can diagnose all devices and paths centrally via IP and forward messages automatically to the control center via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

New functions as of firmware v5.xx:

  • A VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) can be used to virtually isolate critical IP networks and thus make them more secure.
  • The availability of the entire Ethernet network is guaranteed, even in the event of an emergency. This ensures that redundant network paths can be activated again via STP/RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) if required, for example, if a connection fails.
  • Remote system events on Unmanaged Ethernet extenders can now also be thoroughly diagnosed and an alert issued via SNMP forwarding.

The Managed Ethernet extender is available in two versions.

  • 4-port Ethernet Switch with two ​DSL ports​ for point-to-point, line, and ring topologies, with display
  • 1-port Ethernet Switch with one ​DSL port​ for point-to-point applications, with LEDs

Both devices have replaceable, high-quality surge protection with preventive function monitoring. This increases system availability.

Unmanaged Ethernet extender

Plug and Play also in ring structures

Unmanaged Ethernet extender

The Unmanaged Ethernet extender allows easy startup via Plug and Play. Unlike the Managed extender, the Unmanaged version is protocol-transparent for the Ethernet network. The device does not have its own IP address. This means it can easily be used in any IP network without any prior network knowledge.

The Unmanaged Ethernet extender supports point-to-point, line, and ring topologies.

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ surge protection for Managed Ethernet extenders

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ intelligent surge protection warns you before system protection is lost

High-quality surge protection for Managed Ethernet extenders

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ is the forward-looking surge protection system from Phoenix Contact. Your advantage: multi-stage monitoring of protective devices. This means that failures can be foreseen. The special features of the protective devices include multi-stage signaling and remote signaling. This allows the following event messages to be sent via SNMP, for example:

  • Performance limit reached, replacement recommended
  • Overloaded, replacement required

Ethernet extender system deployed in the Stadtwerke Bad Pyrmont municipal utilities company

Local grid operator using Ethernet extenders
Local grid operator using Ethernet extenders YouTube

PROFIBUS extender

PROFIBUS extender for copper-based transmission up to 20 km

With the PROFIBUS extender, you can reach remote PROFIBUS devices via old copper cables. This means that data rates of up to 1.5 Mbps can be achieved over distances of up to 1.5 km without using special cables. Two DSL ports per device allow the straightforward setup of redundant point-to-point or line structures.

In addition, mixed operation using copper conductors and fiber-optic cables is also possible via a DIN rail connector.
Last but not least, power is supplied via USB cable, which allows device configuration without an external 24 V power supply.

Serial extender in front of a water application

Serial extender

Serial extender – extend RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 networks

The industrial serial extender enables the range to be increased beyond the serial standard for serial RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 interfaces. This does not require a special cable. Any 2-wire cable can be used.

Point-to-point, line, and star structures can be implemented using 2- and 4-wire cables. This means that networks can be implemented cost-effectively using the available in-house cables. Decommissioned phone lines and fieldbus cables that are no longer used, for example, are ideal for this purpose.