Tunnel drainage

Tunnel drainage Monitoring and controlling pumping stations

Extreme weather events, plus the proximity to the water table, call for complex drainage systems in tunnels. Not only must flooding be prevented, but flammable liquids such as fuel and contaminated extinguishing water also need to be transported out of the tunnel safely.

Phoenix Contact supports you in controlling your tunnel pumping stations in a cost-effective and targeted way.

Intelligent drainage management

Drainage pumping stations prevent flooding of the tunnel during storms and provide drainage of contaminated extinguishing water in emergency situations. The continuous monitoring of pump availability is essential for the protection of tunnel users and underground facilities. Phoenix Contact provides solutions for performance monitoring and reliable control of the pumps, even in the event of a communication failure.

Our solutions for your applications

Pumping station for drainage in a tunnel
CONTACTRON Speed Starters
Chemical film on the floor
Touch panel for the predictive maintenance of pumps in tunnels
Pumping station for drainage in a tunnel

You can combine our flexible solution for pump control in tunnels with any PLCnext Control device. The modular I/O design means it can be easily adapted to any hardware configuration. Based on the changing water level, the PLC controls several pumps according to their operating hours or number of motor starts.

Together with detailed diagnostics, monitoring, and data logging features, the system guarantees that pumps will provide many years of reliable operation in tunnels. Every anomaly is transmitted to the higher-level control system for the purposes of predictive maintenance.

CONTACTRON Speed Starters

Rain and groundwater can easily cause flooding in tunnels. An intelligent drainage system will prevent this. The water that enters the tunnel is first collected there, before being routed into the sewerage system.

High-availability pumps are needed to move these quantities of water.
The CONTACTRON speed starter from Phoenix Contact enables the uninterrupted operation of your pump motors.

Chemical film on the floor

Toxic or explosive fluids can enter the drainage system either through normal traffic or in the event of an accident or fire. The water is therefore continuously monitored for dangerous chemicals before it enters the pumping station. If the situation is hazardous, protective measures are introduced or the pump system is shut down completely.

Touch panel for the predictive maintenance of pumps in tunnels

An increasing number of pumps are monitored to ensure their energy-efficient and long-term operation. Incorporating relevant variables such as vibrations, temperatures, and seals enables predictive maintenance and ensures the optimum operation of your pumps.
Phoenix Contact provides you with a comprehensive solution for continuously monitoring your pumps and reliably draining your tunnel structure.

Water storage tunnel

Your advantages

  • Minimization of maintenance and repair work with predictive maintenance
  • Reduced energy consumption through optimum pump operation
  • Detailed recording of operating data, such as operating hours, temperature, and water levels
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