Tunnel with evacuation guidance system

Safety in the tunnel Systems for evacuation and assistance in the event of emergencies

  • Holistic evacuation guidance system

  • Flexible response to various emergency situations

  • Reliable control, monitoring, and supervision through the overlaid tunnel control system

  • Reduced installation costs

  • Individually adaptable to any tunnel length

  • Easy configuration and commissioning without laborious programming

Emergency exit in the tunnel

Intelligent control of evacuations in tunnel systems

Tunnel systems are used worldwide for public transport. Road tunnels as well as rail tunnels carry huge numbers of people every day. Growing traffic volumes often lead to serious accidents or even fires that endanger human lives. Monitoring and safety equipment, such as intelligent evacuation guides, ensure a greater level of safety in tunnels. They adapt to hazardous situations and guide persons safely and calmly to the correct tunnel exits.

Connecting dynamic evacuation guidance to tunnel systems saves lives in the event of an emergency. The evacuation control system from Phoenix Contact reacts intelligently and flexibly in the event of accidents. Let us ensure increased tunnel safety together. Design a future-proof emergency system with us, tailor-made for your tunnel project.

Alexander Kowe - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Applications & Projects Infrastructure
Alexander Kowe, Applications & Projects Infrastructure

Tunnel Evacuation Guidance The solution for intelligent tunnel evacuation

Do you want to optimize the safety of your existing tunnel system or equip a new tunnel with modern safety technology? The Tunnel Evacuation Guidance solution, an intelligent evacuation guidance system, ensures a high level of safety in tunnels.

By using energy-efficient LED lighting technology, the evacuation system is not only economical, but also continues to ensure light in the event of a power failure in the tunnel. Configuring and commissioning the system is quick and easy via web visualization with a PLCnext Control device, the PLC for PLCnext Technology.

For efficient tunnel safety management with predictive maintenance, you have access to real-time data from the system at any time and from anywhere.

Simple setup and easy connection in the tunnel

Topology of the integrated tunnel evacuation control system

The evacuation control system can be easily and flexibly installed in the tunnel system due to customized cable concepts and products

Making tunnel systems safe for the future

LED light strips for evacuation guidance in the tunnel
Evacuation system in the Faroe Islands' Eysturoy Tunnel
Software screens of the Tunnel Evacuation Guidance system
LED light strips for evacuation guidance in the tunnel

Energy-saving LED light strips mounted in a polycarbonate profile on the tunnel wall act as dynamic evacuation guidance in the tunnel. In an emergency, the running light effect of the LED handrail shows road users the shortest route to the emergency exit.

The visibility of the escape route marking is also assured when there is smoke due to a fire. The various versions of the LED light strip allow you to customize it to any tunnel length.

Evacuation system in the Faroe Islands' Eysturoy Tunnel

Implement an evacuation system individually tailored to the requirements of your tunnel facility. Whether as a permanently illuminated guide rail or as a system that switches on in an emergency and evacuates persons to the appropriate emergency exits by using the specifications of the tunnel guidance system.

The various versions of the running lights can be adjusted as needed. Depending on the application, we will equip your tunnel system tailored to your needs.

Software screens of the Tunnel Evacuation Guidance system

Easily integrate the Tunnel Evacuation Guidance system into your overlaid tunnel guidance system. All important interfaces can be used immediately. The alarm function ensures rapid evacuation in the event of an emergency.

The system status is constantly checked by the intelligently networked and interconnected individual control units in the field. Any errors that occur are immediately detected by the diagnostic function and the information is forwarded to the connected tunnel control system.

Monitors in the control room of the tunnel

Your tunnel in view Integration and control of tunnel processes

Use the Tunnel Functions software library to automate your tunnel applications. Function blocks specially developed for the tunnel industry simplify the connection and integration of complex Phoenix Contact tunnel solutions to the control system.

Planning and implementation from a single source

Everything from a single source

Phoenix Contact offers you everything from a single source, starting with the planning of the emergency system, through the delivery of all components, right through to commissioning.

With years of experience in automating and using proven technologies, we also bring your tunnel up to the highest technical standard – for increased availability and safety in the tunnel.