Distributed control system in the tunnel

Integration and control of tunnel processes Tunnel Functions software library

Reliable monitoring and control of tunnel system processes is required to operate tunnels safely and to keep them open. Data acquisition and control systems help to ensure that help can be provided quickly in the event of accidents, fires, or technical faults.

Software developed specifically for tunnel applications ensures greater data transparency and simplifies the connection of tunnel solutions to the control system. This allows you to monitor and control solutions for tunnel lighting or tunnel evacuation at any time and from anywhere.

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Distributed control system in the tunnel

Worldwide, complex tunnel projects are placing different kinds of demands on efficient control and monitoring. Efficient tunnel monitoring provides more transparency and ensures safety and availability for operating tunnels. Software for process monitoring makes it possible to perform tasks such as reading out and monitoring sensor data on air quality and temperature in the tunnel at any time. These functions lay the foundation for a distributed control system in the tunnel.

The flexible Tunnel Functions software solution offers consistency at all levels and creates interfaces between the multitude of systems in the tunnel. Operators can use the software modules and visualization aids immediately. This saves time and money.

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Michael Rolf, Application Engineer

Tunnel Functions The automation library for the tunnel industry

Make your tunnel project a reality with Tunnel Functions! The software library for the PLCnext Engineer modular platform extends the control technology from Phoenix Contact with functions specifically for the tunnel industry.

Programmed function blocks make it easier to integrate Phoenix Contact tunnel solutions into the control system. This allows you to monitor and control solutions for tunnel lighting or tunnel evacuation at any time and from anywhere. It is also possible to read out sensor data. Time and engineering costs can also be saved with industry-typical visualization blocks.

Your advantages

  • Efficient engineering with ready-made function blocks, even if the system is highly complex

  • Connection to all market-standard control systems, thanks to openness for proven and modern interfaces

  • Simplified web visualization with available visualization objects

  • Tested software functions with documentation and application examples

Visualization of the system on panel PC
Software screen of Tunnel Functions
Application engineer during commissioning
Visualization of the system on panel PC

Ready-made visualization objects and page templates make it easier for you to create process images of your tunnel system. Complex functions can be quickly displayed by combining function blocks and the corresponding visualization pages.

Software screen of Tunnel Functions

To integrate the tunnel solutions, the function blocks in the library offer various technologies such as PROFINET, Modbus, and OPC UA. Thus, regardless of the technology, all states in the tunnel are reliably detected and controlled via a PLCnext Control device.
Thanks to the continuous further development of the Tunnel Functions library, the number of options for integrating the library is constantly growing.

Application engineer during commissioning

System integrators ensure the availability of your system with certified functionality tailored to the tunnel industry. Tunnel Functions enables quick and easy engineering. Ready-made function blocks ensure closed-loop control and actuation.

Tunnel Functions has a modular function block concept, making it ideal for flexible use. With an extensive range of function blocks, you can efficiently develop and easily implement your own concepts.

PLCnext software on a laptop

Function blocks for PLCnext Engineer

Tunnel Functions is based on the PLCnext Technology ecosystem, the open control platform for future-proof automation. Using PLCnext Engineer, our proprietary development environment, experience the openness of this system for implementing the programming of tunnel applications.

The software libraries for PLCnext Engineer are available to download as an app in the PLCnext Store. With the solution app, you can add more technical functions for your industrial application to PLCnext Control devices easily and directly, without needing any additional programming knowledge.

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