Remote control technology for distributed wastewater pumping stations

Intelligent pump automation Efficient control of wastewater pumping stations

  • Ready-to-use control cabinet and software solution

  • Continuous monitoring and control of distributed wastewater pumping stations

  • Increased efficiency due to demand-oriented operation of single, dual, and quadruple pump stations

  • Integrated remote control interface for transmitting data to the higher-level control system and for sending text messages

  • Fast configuration and easy diagnostics via the integrated touch panel

Wastewater pumping station for the town of Laatzen, Germany with a technical vehicle

Modernization of wastewater pumping stations

The difficulty in modernizing a historically grown infrastructure lies in the diversity of the components used, the technologies, and the general structural conditions. For the new technical equipment of the 17 wastewater pumping stations in the town of Laatzen, the operators therefore opted for the integrated Pump Control solution. The existing pump controls were expanded or replaced with
automation technology based on PLCnext Technology and now serve as an intelligent interface to the control system.
This is a benefit for the operating personnel, because is makes operation and maintenance much easier. Access to all necessary information of the wastewater pumping stations is now possible regardless of time and location.

Wastewater pumping station with remote communication

Economical pump operation for pumping wastewater

Pumping stations and pumps are important components of a reliable wastewater disposal system. They are needed wherever wastewater cannot flow away due to differences in elevation.
When planning modern wastewater pumping stations, external influences must be considered, such as precipitation rates as well as increased demands on wastewater engineering systems. Increasing cost pressure combined with high flexibility requires new control concepts. Pump automation solutions contribute to long-term plant safety, durability, and energy efficiency.

Ensure reliable and energy-efficient operation by upgrading wastewater pumping stations and connecting them to control systems for seamless monitoring. Radio systems combined with secure remote control protocols enable easy remote access, reduce downtime, and facilitate maintenance planning.

Joel Stratemann - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Applications & Projects Infrastructure
Joel Stratemann

Pump Control Making wastewater pumping stations intelligent

Let Pump Control handle all the control and regulation tasks for distributed wastewater pumping stations. The ready-to-install control cabinet, including software, is the solution for intelligent pump automation with remote connection.

Pump Control ensures reliable reading out and transmission of relevant process data relating to level and flow measurements to the control room. You can monitor your pump stations conveniently from a distance via remote interface OPC UA. Access to all information is easy to achieve using wireless systems in combination with secure remote control protocols.

Control of distributed wastewater pumping stations

Monitoring and control of distributed wastewater pumping stations

Flexible solutions for distributed pumping stations

PLC logic relay control is installed in a control cabinet
Intelligent pump control with PLCnext Control installed in a control cabinet
Technician views a web-based portal solution on a smartphone in front of a control cabinet
PLC logic relay control is installed in a control cabinet

Control smaller wastewater pumping stations with up to two pumps with the PLC logic modular relay control.

The simple solution allows switching the units on and off as well as level measurement. Local visualization is implemented cost-effectively via a touch panel. Monitoring is performed with an integrated remote control interface (an optional modem).

To controllers and I/O systems
Intelligent pump control with PLCnext Control installed in a control cabinet

Modernize complex applications by using the Pump Control software solution. Easily turn your controller into a wastewater pumping station that runs up to four pumps with frequency converters as well as analog measurements.

With the help of HTML5 web visualization, you can easily set all parameters. An integrated remote control station via OPC UA is available for portal connection.

To the Pump Control software
Technician views a web-based portal solution on a smartphone in front of a control cabinet

Would you like to have access to all necessary information about your wastewater pumping stations no matter where or when – but can’t provide your own infrastructure?
Take advantage of our holistic cloud solution that meets all common IT security policy requirements.

The web-based portal from Phoenix Contact acts as a central control system. All operating data is visualized and archived over the long term. Regular start-up of the pumping stations is no longer necessary since flow rates as well as switching cycles and operating hours are documented. There is no longer any need for maintenance and servicing by the operating personnel.

More about cloud solutions
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Modernize complex applications in the shortest amount of time using the open PLCnext Technology control platform or implement simple pumping stations with the modular PLC logic relay controller.

Mobile remote diagnostics is operated on tablet

Detect malfunctions without having to visit the distributed wastewater pumping station.

Mobile remote diagnostics

Intelligent alarm management and an integrated remote interface keep you informed at all times about the current status of your system. With Pump Control, you can access many types of operating data and information about your system.
Get informed by text message in the event of a failure. You can conveniently analyze the status of your system from a remote location and take immediate steps to optimize the situation.

Technician between pumps

Prevent dry running of pumps by using dynamic level control.

Predictive maintenance

With Pump Control, extend the runtime of your system and reduce downtime and malfunctions. Pump Control allows you to perform predictive maintenance on your system by transmitting relevant measurement and operating data to a higher-level control system.
The continuous collection of this data makes it possible to diagnose a variety of operating states, such as pump settings. This allows you to initiate appropriate maintenance actions in a timely manner and reduce maintenance costs.

Visualization of the software for the automation of pumping stations

The visualization can be customized to the desired corporate layout.

Uncomplicated startup

Implement efficient automation for pumping stations, for example for emptying tanks, by simply setting up and configuring the pump controller on site. With the help of the visualization, all parameters can be set quickly.
Connecting simple digital signals minimizes the installation effort for remote structures significantly. Along with power feed-in to the control cabinet, operators just need to connect the sensors for the level, flow rate, and current measurement as well as the various input signals of conventional buttons, switches, and other indicators.

Pump Control software app icon

Turn your controller into a wastewater pumping station

Without engineering and programming effort: For demand-oriented pump control with dynamic switching thresholds, you simply extend a PLCnext Control device with the Pump Control software solution.
Together with you, we also design an individual application or adapt it to your requirements.

Discover the free trial version in the PLCnext Store.