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Together for a sustainable world.
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The All Electric Society

Climate change and the energy revolution are presenting the world with major challenges and complex issues. Phoenix Contact has the answer: the All Electric Society – a world in which energy from renewable resources is available in sufficient quantities and at affordable prices. A world in which renewable energy is not only generated and utilized consistently, but also the primary energy requirement is reduced through efficiency measures, and intelligent and networked systems are created. Solutions and technologies for electrification, networking, and automation are the key. These are required so that sector coupling can be realized, whereby energy generated from renewable sources is used as required.

In fact, we already have everything we need for a sustainable future today – the energy of the sun, the power of water, and the power of wind. And the technologies and expertise of Phoenix Contact. We just need to act. Together. Not tomorrow. Not just at some point. Now.

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Picture for Battery storage system as a functional booster
Application example

Battery storage system as a functional booster

Phoenix Contact uses open control technology to close the gap between power generation, storage, and further use.
Picture for Green energy with security
Guest article

Green energy with security

Hauke Kästing and Phoenix Contact protect wind turbine generators against cybercrime.
Picture for 5G campus networks
Application example

5G campus networks

Industrial application examples for wireless broadband communication.
Picture for Feed-in management 2.0
Application example

Feed-in management 2.0

Phoenix Contact provides a certified solution for photovoltaic systems.
Picture for Energy storage systems connect sectors
Application example

Energy storage systems connect sectors

The importance of innovative connection technology for the safe operation of energy storage systems and for the realization of the All Electric Society.
Picture for Building 60 – integral building planning
Application example

Building 60 – integral building planning

How integral building planning and digitalization are revolutionizing building construction.
Picture for DC grids for sector coupling

DC grids for sector coupling

E-mobility, solar systems, and battery storage systems are revolutionizing industry.
Picture for Coupling of factory and building
Application example

Coupling of factory and building

The Emalytics Automation building management system harmonizes data formats and intelligently networks sectors.
Picture for Combatting cybercrime with full wind power
Application example

Combatting cybercrime with full wind power

With effective security solutions, Phoenix Contact protects wind turbine turbines and other renewable energy generators against cybercrime.

The All Electric Society Alliance

For the future vision of the All Electric Society to become reality, players from science, politics, business, and industry must work together. To sensibly leverage the huge opportunities of a sustainable energy revolution in the industry, infrastructure, and mobility sectors, Phoenix Contact is actively teaming up with other players: With the All Electric Society Alliance, we would like to join forces with the All Electric Society Competence Center at the West-Saxon University of Applied Sciences, Zwickau and other innovators behind this transformation to bring our future vision to life with expertise, products, and solutions.

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