Red rail vehicle

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Wherever systems and products in rail vehicles must be supplied with power and signals and data must be distributed, components from Phoenix Contact are used. Our products feature reliability and safety. And they are suitable for installation in confined spaces.

Our applications for rail vehicles

Train driver’s cabin with space-saving connection technology

Space-saving connection

In modern rail vehicles, the need for usable area and traveling comfort is growing. At the same time, less and less space is available for the required installations, such as for infotainment, passenger information systems, lighting, air conditioning, and door systems. Phoenix Contact offers compact connection solutions with different numbers of positions, conductor cross-sections, and installation options that are particularly well-suited for space-saving electrical wiring.

Several screens with data and evaluations

Safe transmission

An increasing number of data networks that exchange information and perform control tasks are being installed in trains. The circular connectors they use must satisfy the more stringent requirements of the rail industry and also be easy and safe to install. Installers that work with many lines expect fast installation, ideally without any tools. The M12 Push-Pull system from Phoenix Contact meets these expectations particularly well. Our rail-specific portfolio is rounded out by heavy-duty industrial connectors.

Rail vehicle in the snow with mountains in the background

Permanent marking

Marking solutions for rail vehicles must be reliable and stable. Fire protection also plays a crucial role. MARKING systems from Phoenix Contact provide the ideal marking solution for all rail industry applications. Select from among more than 2,000 halogen-free marking solutions optimized for fire protection, more than 10 different printing systems, and three marking technologies.

Power supply for a train with overhead cable

Reliable supply

Usually, DC power is already available on the train. However, this power must be converted into voltage that can also be used for end devices or stabilized against fluctuations. Furthermore, railway engineering must comply with requirements for temperature, fire protection (EN 45545-2), and resistance to EMC, vibration, and the environment, as well as the specific additional requirements of EN 50155. Phoenix Contact provides solutions for power supply from different DC bus voltages. With them, CCTV, infotainment, door systems, air conditioning, and similar loads can be supplied.