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Interference-free and stable supply of train control technology Avoiding voltage fluctuations and interruptions in rail vehicles

✓ DC/DC converters for the standard voltage levels of different train types
✓ High availability with redundantly connected and decoupled DC/DC converters
✓ Certified in accordance with EN 50155, EN 61373, and EN 45545-2


The control technology in high-speed trains is supplied using 110 V DC. Trains that are shorter and have fewer electrical loads are typically supplied with 24 V DC. The cables and connectors cause a voltage drop. When the train is moving, voltage fluctuations or even brief interruptions lasting a few milliseconds can occur. Furthermore, conducted electromagnetic interference is also possible.


DC/DC converters for stable power supply in rail vehicles

DC/DC converters, including those connected redundantly, for uninterruptible power supply in all train types

DC/DC converters are used in rail vehicles for this. They decouple control components from these influences and provide a stabilized voltage. Phoenix Contact offers devices for converting 110 V DC, 72 V DC, and 24 V DC respectively to 24 V DC. They have a wide input voltage range in accordance with EN 50155 and meet the special requirements of the railway industry.
In the case of rail vehicles, the high-availability power supply of important train systems also plays a major role. DC/DC converters connected in parallel, which each have redundancy modules connected downstream, ensure a high degree of availability. In the event of errors on the output side of the DC/DC converters, they also ensure the necessary decoupling.

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