Door control for rail vehicles

Reliable cabling of communication networks in rolling stock Reliable data cabling for the train control system

✓ Pre-assembled, customer-specific M12 cables for data and signal applications
✓ Fire protection-compliant connectors and cables through material selection in accordance with EN 45545-2
✓ Securely locked, thanks to special vibration brake, plus shock and vibration resistance in accordance with EN 61373


The train control system is frequently established in a hierarchy. It consists of multiple control levels with different functions and requirements:

ETB train bus (Ethernet Train Backbone, A-coded)
The top control level, or train bus, is relevant for safety and approval. It spans the entire rail vehicle and enables consistent data communication throughout all parts of the train. Its availability must be continuously ensured. As such, high demands are placed on the cabling and other infrastructure components.

ECN vehicle bus (Ethernet Consists Network, D-coded)
On this level, the train functions are controlled and the safety-related monitoring of brakes, doors, or air conditioning is performed. The requirements on this level are equal to those of the train bus.

Auxiliary systems (X-coded)
In trains, there are other systems that are not relevant to safety or approval. Availability and demand for higher data rates are key here.

Levels of the train control system including functions and requirements

Reliable data cabling for all control levels in rail vehicles


Molded connectors from the M12 RAIL series by Phoenix Contact provide a reliable cabling system for all control levels in the train. As such, suitability especially with regard to fire behavior is taken into account. They satisfy the requirements of EN 45545-2. Molded M12 cables are fully electrically tested. There is no need for expensive, time-consuming troubleshooting in the rail vehicle, which may otherwise be required in the case of manual assembly.

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