Tracks and track maintenance train during maintenance work

Supplying energy to track maintenance trains for maintenance work Stable power supply for maintenance trains

✓ Modular system for uninterruptible power supply
✓ Maintenance-free, durable energy storage
✓ Shock and vibration testing in accordance with EN 50155/EN 61373


Three-phase generators are typically used to supply energy to equipment and machines on track maintenance trains. An uninterruptible power supply may be required for certain loads, such as controllers or the emergency lighting.


Uninterruptible power supply for rail vehicles

Modular system for the energy supply of track maintenance trains

Phoenix Contact offers a solution for this in the form of a modular system:

  • Heavy-duty connectors act as a robust interface.
  • A power supply converts the three-phase current into 24 V DC.
  • Downstream, an uninterruptible power supply with a lithium-ion battery acts as an energy storage device or, alternatively, a maintenance-free high-performance capacitor storage device is used.
  • Electronic circuit breakers protect the individual load circuits against overload and short circuit. The selective shutdown of faulty paths protects the supply voltage for parallel loads. Tripped circuit breakers can be reset remotely via a reset input.
  • Signal contacts allow the system supervisor to monitor components effectively.
  • Stainless steel marking labels complete the modular system.

The modules are subject to shock and vibration testing in accordance with EN 50155/EN 61373. The devices themselves satisfy the requirements for fire protection in accordance with EN 45545-2, or they will do, e.g., in the case of energy storage devices, by means of special housing to reduce the fire load.

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