Overhead wiring, rail vehicle, and pantograph

Flexibly integrate electrical switching tasks into the train design Plug-in components for modular function extensions

  • Implement functions directly on the DIN rail with the aid of component holders
  • Easy installation with the consistent terminal block system
  • Simplified maintenance and error analysis with plug-in components


The electrical switching tasks and installation technology in trains are becoming increasingly complex. Here, right from the construction phase, components are required that enable maximum flexibility at the installation location, are easy to use once installed, and are very easy to maintain during operation.
When it comes to the switching of pantograph drives, freewheeling diodes are required to prevent induction voltages, for example. These diodes should be installed as close as possible to the drive; however, they are naturally subject to wear. Therefore, it must be possible to quickly and easily check the diodes and, if necessary, replace them.


Component terminal blocks with plug-in component holders are the ideal solution for the professional use of diodes or even resistors. These terminal blocks are also available for larger components with higher power dissipation that are optimized for railway requirements.
Functions can also be flexibly integrated into the train connection technology using plug-in terminal blocks. They enable the fast replacement of modules and devices with no risk of mismatching. It goes without saying that these terminal blocks satisfy EN 61373 for every mounting position.

Easily integrate switching functions in the train With component terminal blocks and plug-in terminal blocks

Circuit diagram for freewheeling diode and component terminal blocks
Component terminal blocks with component holder
Circuit diagram for plug-in terminal blocks
Touch-proof plug-in terminal blocks
Terminal blocks for trains

Terminal blocks for rail vehicles

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