Streetcar passenger

Reliable availability of passenger information and infotainment systems Data and signal cabling suitable for railway applications

✓ Quick and reliable connection even in confined spaces
✓ High data rates of 10 Gbps
✓ Fast-locking satisfies the stringent shock and vibration requirements


There is an increasing expectation among passengers for all manner of data to be made available. Rail travelers rely on the availability of passenger information and infotainment systems in the rail vehicle and at the station. Passengers expect to have a reliable Internet connection on board the train or streetcar as well as quick access to travel information.


M12 push-pull connectors for rail vehicles

Reliable mechanical and electrical connection for railway vehicles

M12 push-pull connectors

When it comes to data exchange and signal transmission, Phoenix Contact provides connectors and cables that ensure a reliable communication connection. The M12 connectors with push-pull fast-locking latch into place with a click. They also satisfy the stringent environmental and material requirements specific to the railway industry.

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Connectors for rail vehicles

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