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    We offer the right solution for your global video surveillance applications.

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    Phoenix Contact offers integrated industrial surveillance solutions from video servers to cameras with products that are robust and also reliable, even under extreme conditions.

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Phoenix Contact, as one of the leading automation providers, has noted that the camera connection boxes currently available on the market have a large number of weaknesses and they are often not designed for industrial applications. The junction boxes, which are laboriously constructed from individual products and complex wiring, are often fitted with components that are designed for use in the office and which do not meet the requirements of outdoor applications.

The robust Smart Camera Box from Phoenix Contact combines various functions, such as the power supply, Ethernet switch, surge protection, and connection technology, in just one device. It features a compact design with user-oriented installation convenience. You can therefore save a great deal of time during selection, commissioning, and construction. 

Alternatively, you can use our industrial-grade individual components to construct tailored camera connection boxes. This allows you to connect your cameras to your network more efficiently and robustly than ever before.

Your advantages

  • High network availability, thanks to industrial-grade products that operate reliably even in harsh environments
  • Holistic solution: We will securely link your camera to your video server and provide all components for your video surveillance solution from a single source
  • Easily implement future-proof networks with clever products and comprehensive services

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