Marine and offshore applications

Your partner on the high seas

Your partner on the high seas

Automate ships and offshore platforms reliably and easily – with Phoenix Contact as your expert system partner.

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  • Applications and solutions
    Applications and solutions

    Phoenix Contact offers certified, failsafe, and efficient solutions for your marine and offshore system.

  • Products

    Phoenix Contact offers innovative solutions and products for the marine and offshore industry.

  • References

    Read how we safely and successfully implement automation in shipbuilding.

  • Service and support
    Service and support

    Phoenix Contact offers services that provide support for planning, producing, operating, and maintaining systems in the marine and offshore industry.

Thomas Perschke, Global Industry Manager

Thomas Perschke, Global Industry Manager

“Whether modern tankers or container ships, elegant cruise ships, magnificent luxury yachts or offshore supply vessels – demand is growing for new, specialized, and highly complex vessels.

Safety, reliability, and efficiency are crucial for modern marine and offshore solutions. More stringent safety requirements, including in the Ex area, also apply for offshore oil and gas production. With our extensive portfolio of solutions and many years of experience, Phoenix Contact is your expert industry partner for marine and offshore applications.”

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