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Building intelligence – digitalization of building automation

Building intelligence

With creative solutions.
With digital applications.
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  • Building planning
    Building planning

    Digital potential of building automation for intelligent and cost-effective buildings.

  • System integration
    System integration

    One system for all applications: can be upgraded and updated in accordance with IT rules.

Building IoT – the digitalization of building automation

The digital transformation is taking hold in the building industry and allows processes to be digitalized. Benefit from our Industrie 4.0 expertise and design your Building 4.0 with us. With our IoT-based Emalytics management platform, we will provide you with support in breaking away from the conventional structures of building automation and in creating added value for your intelligent building. Throughout all of the planning and life cycles of your building, we will provide innovative concepts, solutions, and products for cost-effective operation with a high level of user comfort.

Bernhard Tillmans, Global Industry Manager

Bernhard Tillmans, Global Industry Manager

“Digitalization is definitely not just a fad. An intelligent building adapts to the needs of users, providing a high level of comfort while also ensuring cost-effective building operation throughout the entire life cycle.

With our IoT-based management platform, you can connect conventional and new technology to make intelligent use of your building data.”

Emalytics – IoT-based building management system for smart applications

Emalytics – IoT-based building management system for smart applications

Emalytics – IoT-based building management system

Whether new buildings or the straightforward connection of existing systems: benefit from easy engineering and a higher-level system for all applications.

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Our building automation team

We will provide support with innovative concepts for the digitalization of your building.


Building IoT in practice

Solutions for cost-effective building management

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Find out how we support our customers in designing smart buildings.

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