A fast and flexible approach to learning

A flexible approach to learning

Easily understandable e-learning modules help you get to grips with even new and complex topics, quickly and effortlessly.

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  • Controllers

    High-performance PLCs are the basis for effective automation.

  • Electronic switching devices and motor control
    Electronic switching devices and motor control

    Electronic switching devices and motor controllers from Phoenix Contact switch and protect motors and expensive system mechanics.

  • Functional safety
    Functional safety

    The wide range of safety products offers advanced solutions for every requirement. Easy handling and safe operation.

  • Industrial communication technology
    Industrial communication technology

    Phoenix Contact offers industrial communication technology for copper, fiber optic, and wireless transmission.

  • Industrial Ethernet
    Industrial Ethernet

    Industrial Ethernet has become a proven and established solution in automation – as it is consistent, fast, and extremely flexible.

  • Installation and mounting material
    Installation and mounting material

    Space saving and extremely easy. Our installation and mounting material represents modern control cabinet technology.

  • I/O systems
    I/O systems

    Collect and transmit signals and data quickly and reliably to your systems.

  • Marking and labeling
    Marking and labeling

    Marking and labeling options from Phoenix Contact are always the right solution, whether preprinted or custom-printed, the full service is available.

  • Measurement and control technology
    Measurement and control technology

    Phoenix Contact offers innovative solutions for cost-effective and efficient process control.

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring products from Phoenix Contact measure and log all important process parameters in automation systems.

  • Plug-in connectors
    Plug-in connectors

    Connectors from Phoenix Contact offer the ideal solution for industrial data, signal, and power connections.

  • Power supplies and UPS
    Power supplies and UPS

    Power supply units and uninterruptible power supply units (UPS) from Phoenix Contact are high-quality products featuring leading technology.

  • Protective devices
    Protective devices

    Protective devices from Phoenix Contact ensure increased system availability: whether fuse terminal blocks, circuit breakers or surge protection.

  • Relay modules
    Relay modules

    Relay modules from Phoenix Contact are available in a wide range of versions: electromechanical and solid-state relays or even timer and monitoring relays.

  • Software

    Phoenix Contact offers high-performance software from configuration to system operation – an efficient solution for every application.

  • Surge protection and interference filters
    Surge protection and interference filters

    Surge protection and interference filters from Phoenix Contact ensure increased system availability.

  • System cabling for controllers
    System cabling for controllers

    Quick, clear, error-free: the perfect fit for wiring single wires to your control unit at field level.

  • Tools

    Using the right tool is key to achieving optimum results. Our products are based on quality, precision, and durability.

Regardless of whether you want to study in a targeted manner, or just want to learn more about a specific topic: Phoenix Contact offers you numerous online multimedia options.

Your advantages

  • Extremely flexible – online learning, anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to understand – thanks to cleverly composed learning content
  • Effective transfer of knowledge – via multimedia and interactive presentation

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With e-learning from Phoenix Contact you can learn where, when, and what you want.

Our tutorials clearly explain how to use the products and software programs from Phoenix Contact. Short descriptions and examples of typical applications help you to reach your destination quickly, whenever devices need to be installed, configured or monitored - with or without PC.

Learning modules
Learning modules offer new and complex topics in an interactive way. Benefit from our learning modules which provide practical tasks, information that is easy to follow, and the option of testing your own expertise.

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