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    PLCnext offers many advantages for the development, project planning, and operation of automation solutions, thanks to its openness.

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    Areas of application

    Thanks to PLCnext Technology, you can reach your goal of sustainable market success.

Automation solutions need to be put into operation faster to shorten development times and to adjust production processes as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is becoming ever more necessary for several developers to work in parallel on an overall solution.

Depending on the working environment, software tools have established and proven themselves. Changing over from these proven programming tools to a uniform program for all programming languages is complex, expensive, and has many drawbacks for the work processes of the respective programmers.

Your advantages

  • PLC-typical real time performance and data consistency, also for high-level languages and model-based code
  • Limitless adaptation capability, through quick, simple integration of open-source software, apps, and future technologies
  • Intelligent networking, through cloud connection and the integration of current and future communication standards
  • Quick application development: several developers work independently in different programming languages
  • Convenient engineering with your favorite programming tools

The world is changing – and automation is changing too

Modern production plant  

Modern control solutions for flexible production

Production processes need to become more flexible and automation solutions need to become more communicative and adaptable to remain competitive on the market in the long term. Industrie 4.0 renders classic communication relationships in automation systems obsolete.

For this reason, Phoenix Contact developed PLCnext Technology. It forms the basis for an open control platform with a modular software solution that is ready to face all the challenges of the IoT world.

PLCnext Technology is the basis for technologically leading automation: because it is not the strongest who prevail, but those who are able to adapt the best.

Enhance your automation thinking

More information on PLCnext Technology

Visit our PLCnext website. Further information on PLCnext Technology is available there.

Numerous application examples, instructions for use, instructional videos, FAQs, software and firmware downloads are also available to you in our user community Become a member of this community and discuss your personal experiences, ideas, and questions with other users.

PLCnext Technology is also on social media: #enhance #plcnext

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PLCnext Technology: open and future-proof

Meet the challenges of the IoT world with PLCnext Technology

PLCnext Technology

The platform for limitless automation.

PLCnext Technology
Visit the PLCnext website

Become a member of the PLCnext community

Discuss your ideas and experiences.

PLCnext community
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