Smart city: sustainable and livable Conserving resources, saving energy, harnessing data – with solutions and technologies that master the challenges of urbanization.

Illustration of networked smart city

On the way to more livable cities Use all resources and data efficiently

The digital transformation to smart cities paves the way for a sustainable and safe city of tomorrow – in line with the future vision of the All Electric Society. Smart city applications play a crucial role as a networking link between society and digitalization.
But habitats will only become truly smart through consistent networking and the utilization of all available data sources. Our smart services, using this data as the basis and using our IoT devices, provide you with the data transparency you need. Join us in realizing cost-effective and resource-efficient smart city projects.

The combination of technology, intelligent systems, and processes enables concepts for the livable future of the city. Utilize the openness of our IoT solution to drive integrated and sustainable urban development forward.

Jörg Nolte - Phoenix Contact, Vice President VMM Infrastructure
Jörg Nolte
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Collaborations and research projects AI-based applications for the smart future of cities

In order to bring progress and benefits to the lives of people and the community, many new, forward-thinking applications are currently being developed. In cooperation with Fraunhofer IOSB-INA, Phoenix Contact is developing solutions with AI functionality to fundamentally improve life.

One example of a deep learning application is counting vehicles using optical sensor technology. The image data is processed by a PLCnext Control, the hardware for the PLCnext Technology ecosystem, and transmitted anonymously to the cloud. This will enable the flow of traffic in the city to be optimized in the long term.