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Ice detection on rotor blades Innovative measuring technology

Icing on the rotor blades not only leads to hazards for the wind turbine generator, but also to dangers for the environment and people. Phoenix Contact provides a reliable ice detection system for rotor blades for increasing the yields of your wind turbine generators. Our solution measures the coating thicknesses of potential ice deposits and the temperature directly on the surface of the rotor blade.


For wind turbine generators to achieve maximum yields, a trouble-free system status must be guaranteed. Under extreme climatic conditions, however, ice can accumulate on the rotor blades. Falling chunks of ice can cause significant damage. The early detection of ice accretion is important to ensure that the system can be stopped and the de-icing system can be started.

Service technician with ID-S sensor in hand in front of a wind turbine generator

ID-S: Autonomous sensors

Ice detection system (ID-S) The solution for ice detection

The ice detection system from Phoenix Contact measures the severity of ice accretion on the rotor blades and ensures that the wind turbine generator operates reliably. The evaluation algorithm, certified by the DNV GL accreditation company, decides whether to allow continued operation or to shut down the wind turbine generator. The evaluation unit is available as a complete control cabinet solution or as a system for integration.

The sensors, which are simply stuck on, measure the coating thickness of the ice as well as the external temperature on the rotor blade. The sensor is supplied directly with solar power and has a memory capacity of up to 1,000 h.

The sensor signals are transmitted wirelessly to the evaluation unit in the nacelle. The wireless range is up to 250 m. With an appropriate number of sensors, the system supports the automatic restart function. With the wireless integration of the sensors, the system is suitable both for new wind turbine generators and for retrofitting into existing systems.

Service technician mounting a sensor on the rotor blade of a wind turbine generator

Suitable for simple retrofitting

With the wireless integration of the sensors, the system is suitable both for new wind turbine generators and for retrofitting into existing systems. Equip your wind turbine generators with innovative retrofit solutions. Phoenix Contact is the reliable partner at your side to optimize maintenance services on your generators and to sustain the increase of your yields.

Your advantages

  • Reliable ice detection thanks to coating thickness measurement on the rotor blades
  • Maximum yields with automatic restart
  • Optimized closed-loop control of the blade heating through temperature measurement
  • Fast commissioning, even as a retrofit solution, due to preconfigured components
  • Autonomous operation, because integration into the wind turbine generator controller is not necessary
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