UCS universal housings

UCS universal housings for embedded systems

Universal housings from the UCS series are the ideal solution for embedded systems and single-board computers. The IP40 housings reliably protect PCBs in a standard form factor and custom designed PCBs from external influences. Removable side panels allow integration of any connection technology and modular housing solutions in individual installed heights.

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Your advantages

  • Modular system for superior adaptability and simple storage
  • Integrated or flexible PCB mounting for variable electronics solutions
  • Custom interfaces for versatile electronics solutions
  • Design-oriented functional corners for appealing look and feel
  • Reduced logistics outlay, thanks to components which are compatible with one another
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UCS series electronics housings for embedded systems and single-board computers

New products

Different heatsink versions for UCS series outdoor housings

Passive heatsinks and heat distribution

For UCS series electronics housings

The thermal requirements for applications are increasingly stringent. The UCS heat sink solutions enable targeted passive heat dissipation from UCS housings. Combining them with individually adapted heat spreaders enables an optimum thermal design in devices.

Main features

  • Material: aluminum
  • Application-specific adjustments at different hotspots
  • Can be used for UCS housings in the versions 125-87 to 237-195
  • Heat sink solutions for integration into the half shell
  • Heatsink as side panel in sizes 125 and 145 mm

Your Advantages

  • Heatsink solutions enable devices to be used in thermally demanding applications
  • Optimal thermal path for reliable heat dissipation
  • Custom-tailored to various hot spots
  • Heatsink solutions can be used in a variety of housing sizes
  • Made-to-fit system solutions with mounting materials

Configurator for field housings

Configurator for electronics housings

Put together your electronics housing for field or indoor use: select the desired housing series with corresponding standard components. Add the corresponding accessories, and you are done.

UCS series universal housings at a glance UCS series universal housings are ideal for embedded systems. They offer perfect protection for printed circuit boards in the standard form factor.

Interactive image map: UCS series universal enclosures
Easy stacking
Two UCS housings of the same size can be stacked for easy system extensions.
Easy stacking
Secure stand on the desk
You can also use the UCS series as a desktop housing by using a stand adapter.
Secure stand on the desk
Suitable for the control cabinet
You can also use your device in the control cabinet on a DIN rail by using a DIN rail adapter.
Suitable for the control cabinet
Removable side panels
The removable side panels can be quickly and easily processed and printed.
Removable side panels
Wall bracket
Wall brackets screwed to the housing are used for rapid wall mounting.
Wall bracket
Wide range of integration options
Whether connection technology, displays or light guides: UCS is ideal for integrating components, such as connection technology, displays, and light guides in accordance with your requirements
Wide range of integration options
Modular system
Modular housing series in five sizes, two heights, and two basic colors. With the corner inlays in eight colors, you have hundreds of options for your device design.
Modular system
Increase in volume
The height adapters not only enable you to increase the installed height of your housing, but also the variety of applications with more space for your electronics.
Increase in volume

UCS series modular electronics housings for embedded systems

Find out how versatile the UCS housing system is – both on the DIN rail and in the control cabinet. With the modular system, the UCS series can be tailored individually to the required application. Flexible PCB mounting allows you to fit multiple PCBs in one housing.

Video: UCS series electronics housings with displays and keypads
UCS series electronics housings with displays and keypads YouTube

UCS series electronics housings with displays and keypads

The universal housing of the UCS series is also available including pre-assembled touch displays and membrane keypads. You can design both via configurator. Your added value: Accessories that are perfectly matched to your housing and time-saving assembly.

The perfect protective shell for embedded systems

Combination options of the UCS series modular system
Flexible PCB fixing
Five different housing sizes
UCS universal housing with display and membrane keypad
UCS series housings with connection technology
UCS heatsink solutions
Combination options of the UCS series modular system

UCS universal housings consist of two identical housing halves and removable side panels. The corner inserts, available in different versions and colors, connect the halves of the housing and act as guides for the side panels. They are easy to process and can be used in two different housing sizes. The volume of the housings can be increased by adapters and corresponding side panels.

Flexible PCB fixing

The UCS housing series features the ability to accommodate various form factor printed circuit boards. Adhesive pads allow you to use almost any PCB, of course including your own developments, in the UCS housing. This flexibility also allows multiple PCBs to be accommodated. Depths of 47 mm and 67 mm are available.

Five different housing sizes

With a comprehensive range of accessories, the housings can be used in a variety of ways: outside the control cabinet, on the desk, standing upright, lying down, on the wall, or on a VESA adapter. Use in the control cabinet is possible via DIN rail adapters with side lengths of 125 mm or 145 mm.
The IP40 polycarbonate PC housings (UL V0) are rated for temperatures from -40 to +100°C. They are available with stands for all 47 mm versions and in the colors light gray (RAL 7035) or black (RAL 9005).

UCS universal housing with display and membrane keypad

In practice, more and more devices with interactive operation are being used. The UCS electronics housing is perfectly suited for this: As a prepared set to accommodate Raspberry Pi components, as a version with an integrated 2.4-inch touch display, or tailored fully to your wishes. If you need the display or membrane keypad in a different position – this housing series can accommodate the change.

UCS series housings with connection technology

Intelligent devices based on single-board computers or embedded boards require housings that adapt to their requirements. Passive connection components, such as device connectors, field connectors, and BTB connectors, determine the functionality of a device. UCS housings are flexibly adaptable to different applications because removable side panels are ideal for integrating interfaces.

UCS heatsink solutions

Integrable heatsinks and heat spreaders help to control thermal problems. They can be individually tailored to your solution. With the modular design, even complex applications can be integrated into the heat dissipation concept. In addition, a side panel heatsink provides the optimum connection for vertical power components.

Overview of the electronics housings portfolio
Discover housings for the DIN rail and outdoor use and learn how flexibly you can adapt electronics housings to your individual needs.
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Technical principles of electronics housings Solutions for DIN rail applications

Electronics housings are an elementary part of a device. They determine its appearance and protect the electronics from external influences. In addition, they enable assembly in superordinate units. Device manufacturers must therefore pay attention to many details, and not only in the design, but also in the choice of housing when it comes to materials and quality testing. This brochure provides you with all the details.