MyOmega Systems: Universal housing concept for IoT gateways

Fill-level recording via camera sensor

Logistics 4.0: Fill-level recording via the TracoBin camera sensor


One application that really demonstrates the strengths of the MYNXG IoT platform is the logistics of C-parts – items that are usually of low value and involve high procurement costs. C-part management involves the optimization of procurement processes – the most critical moment in the logistics chain is always the realization that a part needs to be re-ordered.

Handling of the components, which are referred to as C-parts and are stored in standardized small load carriers, is often problematic. Kanban systems provide a solution – this method of controlling the production process is oriented towards the actual consumption of materials at the points of provision and consumption. “In our logistics application illustrated here, the camera sensor records the fill levels in the small load carriers and communicates the relevant data to the d3 gateway,” explains Möller. “This automated process can significantly reduce inventory levels.”

UCS modular housing

The UCS modular housing simplifies production of the d3 gateway


When it came to selecting the housing, MyOmega opted for the Universal Case System (UCS) from Phoenix Contact. “Our hardware must be robust and reliable in industrial environments, so the UCS housing family is a very convenient solution for us,” says Möller, explaining his decision. “What’s more, the modularity of the housing parts is very important for us.”

The UCS housing consists of two identical half-shells, removable side panels, and color-contrasting corner inserts. They are also used to attach the motherboard. “Thanks to its numerous interfaces, we can also easily adapt our gateway to meet the user’s requirements,” explains Möller. “The UCS housing system greatly facilitates this, as we only have to adapt the relevant side panels to the requirements, and all four side panels can be adapted accordingly.”

The corner inserts, which are available in various colors, enable quick and cost-optimized customization. With the two basic colors of the half-shells and the side panels, plus the individual parts from the modular system, a wide range of design concepts can be implemented. And using various accessories, the d3 gateway can be attached to the DIN rail in the control cabinet, to the wall, or to the desk as required.

Visualization of the transferred data on the MYNXG platform

Visualization of the transferred data on the MYNXG platform

The intelligent camera module integrated in the small load carrier – the TracoBin system – sends its data via the capillary ISM band at 868 MHz to the d3 gateway, where it is processed and analyzed and relevant information is transferred to the cloud. With up to 1,500 sensors, which send an image every six hours, the enormous volume of data to be handled here quickly becomes clear. If this is limited to a significantly reduced level for further processing and communicated to the cloud via gateway, virtually latency-free actions can be implemented. These can then be visualized on the MYNXG platform and output on the monitor.


Together with the MYNXG platform, which can be optimally adapted to existing infrastructures, the d3 gateway based on housing from the Universal Case System (UCS) series is the central block for the digitalization of industrial processes. The UCS housing family also provides a solid foundation for future expansion stages of the gateway. As Möller explains: “The high flexibility of our gateway from a functional point of view is matched by the adaptability of the UCS housing series.” The IoT platform from MyOmega also impressed “Initiative Mittelstand”, which recognizes the achievements of small and medium-sized companies in Germany. In 2018, MyOmega Systems GmbH won the IT Innovation Award in the Industry & Logistics category.