Industrial Ethernet switches – Industrial-strength Unmanaged and Managed Switches

Industrial Ethernet switches – Industrial-strength Unmanaged and Managed Switches

Our Industrial Ethernet Switch portfolio comprises Managed and Unmanaged Switches with Gigabit, PoE, IEC 61850 certification, and for DIN rail mounting. This gives you the flexibility to build powerful and secure networks, even in harsh environments: copper and FO ports, as well as redundancy functions, enable the flexible networking of your systems and the easy segmentation of your industrial network.

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Unmanaged PoE switches
Unmanaged switch in REG format
Raptor switches
Managed TSN switches
Managed SPE switches

Unmanaged PoE switches

PoE supply for field devices

The unmanaged Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches​ enable you to supply up to eight end devices with power and data via the same Ethernet cable. Select models also include SFP ports, which provide additional flexibility depending on the distance requirements.

Main features

  • Gigabit unmanaged switches with up to eight PoE ports
  • IEEE 802.3 af/at/bt compliant
  • Power budget up to 240 W
  • QoS (Quality of Service) prioritized messages
  • Robust metal housing and IP30 protection class

Your Advantages

  • Prioritization of data traffic: increased network stability and system availability
  • Flexible fields of application due to the variety of versions
  • High performance for applications with high data throughput

REG switches for building installation

Easy and space-saving installation

Thanks to their easy and space-saving installation, the unmanaged switches in REG format can be integrated directly into the distribution cabinets of electrical installations. The robust and high-performance network components simplify building networking.

Main features

  • REG format
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) version with up to 30 W power per port
  • Supports energy-efficient Ethernet
  • Very high speed with Gigabit support

Your Advantages

  • Minimal installation effort and space required due to the REG format
  • Reduced cabling effort: attached devices are supplied directly via PoE
  • Fast commissioning via plug-and-play
  • Easy operation, as no configuration is required

Managed switches for stringent requirements

Use in critical infrastructures

Raptor switches enable reliable and safe operation in extreme ambient conditions. The Raptor portfolio meets the stringent requirements of the IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 standards. The switches are ideal for critical infrastructure and power supply applications.

Main features

  • Scalable platform for changing performance and configuration requirements
  • High connection density and diverse selection of communication modules
  • Flexible standard 19" rack and DIN rail mounting options

Your Advantages

  • Reliable managed switches that meet the demanding requirements of critical infrastructures
  • High-performance operation, even under extreme environmental conditions with IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613 certification
  • Comprehensive security functions for securing critical infrastructure networks

Managed TSN switches

Real-time-capable Ethernet networks

With the managed TSN switches, you can set up applications with precise time synchronization. This ensures real-time communication and increased availability in your automation networks. New versions with fiber-optic connection are now available.

Main features

  • Precise time synchronization (IEEE 801.2AS and IEEE 1588v2) and frame preemption (IEEE 802.1Qbu)
  • CC-Link IE TSN profile supported
  • Stream management via PROFINET
  • Has all proven FL SWITCH 2300 features

Your Advantages

  • The TSN switches increase the performance, robustness, and availability of industrial networks
  • Extensive new options for setting up time-critical applications
  • Can be used in classic applications, no device replacement is necessary for the future introduction of TSN

Managed SPE switches

Direct integration of sensors and field devices

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) enables consistent Ethernet communication from the sensor to the cloud. With the new managed SPE switches, modern field devices and sensors can be integrated directly into the Ethernet network. In addition to data transmission, the devices are optimally supplied with power by the switch by means of Power over Data Line (PoDL).

Main features

  • Features 8 10Base-T1L SPE connections and 3 RJ45 ports (10/100/1,000 Mbps)
  • Power supply for sensors and field devices up to 3.2 W with PoDL Class 11
  • Supports all familiar FL SWITCH 2300 functions, such as comprehensive redundancy or security features

Your Advantages

  • Universal in application with all Ethernet- and IP-based protocols (e.g., PROFINET, Modbus/TCP, and MQTT)
  • The Single Pair Ethernet switch enables distances up to 1,000 m to be bridged with the 10Base-T1L standard
  • Low complexity and installation effort, as no gateways or elaborate subsystems are required
  • Direct Ethernet/PROFINET integration, e.g., for transferring the measured values via MQTT to the cloud

Industrial unmanaged switches

Unmanaged switches for industrial applications

Unmanaged switches

Industrial unmanaged switches from Phoenix Contact feature variable numbers of ports and a narrow design. We provide unmanaged switches with a variety of functions, depending on the application.

  • For standard applications: The 1000N series unmanaged switches feature compact designs and flexible installation options
  • Gigabit switches: The 1100N switch versions also feature transmission speeds in the Gigabit range
  • For flat control cabinets: Using the mounting accessories, you can
    also mount the FL SWITCH 1000N(T) flat in the control cabinet or on the wall
  • For field installation: The 1600 and 1700 series are particularly resistant to environmental influences
  • In 19": The 1800 and 1900 series unmanaged switches are ideal for use in data centers and control rooms
  • With Power over Ethernet (PoE): The 1000 series unmanaged PoE switches​ enable you to supply up to eight end devices with power and data via the same Ethernet cable

Managed Switches

2000 series industrial Managed Switches

2000 series Managed Switches

Managed Switches for universal automation applications

The Managed Switches of the 2000 series provide a cost-effective range of standard functions and are extremely versatile.

  • Fast Ethernet switches and Gigabit switches (incl. Jumbo Frame support)
  • Unmanaged mode: network stability without configuration effort
  • Multicast filters (IGMP snooping) to reduce the data load in the network
  • Redundancy functions (RSTP, MRP) for failsafe networks
  • Easy and flexible configuration

The 2200 and 2300 versions also feature

  • An extended temperature range (-40°C ... +70°C), redundant power supply, and alarm output
  • FO ports (SC, ST/BFOC, SFP)
  • Approvals for maritime applications (GL/DNV, BV, ABS, LR, RINA) and the process industry (ATEX, IECEx)
  • PROFINET conformance class B
  • Functions for improving failsafe performance (large tree support, fast ring detection, LACP)
  • Security functions (RADIUS authentication, MAC-based port security)
Managed SPE switches

Managed SPE switches are used to integrate intelligent sensors and actuators directly into the Ethernet network

Managed switches for Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) enables consistent IP-based communication down to the field level. Transmission of Ethernet data and the power supply via a single pair of wires. The FL SWITCH 2303-8SP1 devices are the first managed switches from Phoenix Contact for the SPE standard 10 BASE-T1L. Modern sensors and field devices with SPE interface can be integrated directly into the Ethernet network.

  • Long distances up to 1000 m with SPE standard 10 BASE-T1L
  • Subsystems or gateways for integrating sensors are no longer required, complexity is reduced
  • Universal use with all Ethernet and IP-based protocols
  • Material-saving and fast installation with data transmission and power supply via a single pair of wires
  • Supports all functions of the familiar FL SWITCH 2300 series
FL SWITCH TSN 2000 TSN switch for real-time-capable networks

Managed TSN switches for real-time-capable networks

Managed switches with real-time capability for Time-Sensitive Networking

The FL SWITCH TSN 2300 devices are the first managed switches from Phoenix Contact for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). In addition to use in classic applications, they also enable you to implement real-time-capable Ethernet networks with innovative TSN technology.

  • Extensive options for setting up distributed and time-critical applications
  • Improved performance, robustness, and availability of Ethernet networks
  • PROFINET TSN profile supported
  • User-friendly configuration of isochronous data traffic with innovative TSN function
  • Supports all functions of the familiar FL SWITCH 2300 series
3000 and 4000 series managed switches

Managed switches for demanding application fields

Managed switches for stringent requirements

For demanding applications, the ​managed switches​ of the 3000 and 4000 series combine comprehensive diagnostic, performance, and safety functions.

  • Fast Ethernet switches and Gigabit switches with extended temperature range
  • Extended ring redundancy: switch-over times of just 15 ms in the event of an error
  • Up to 64 VLANs, multicast filters, and trunking
  • Security functions (user accounts, port security, IEEE 802.1x RADIUS authentication, HTTPS)
  • PoE versions with up to 60 W per port and PoE-specific configuration options
  • Versions in accordance with IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613, and with ATEX and IECEx approval
  • DIN rail or rack mounting

The modular Raptor switches are ideal for critical infrastructure or energy sector applications.

  • High-performance operation under extreme ambient conditions with IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613 certification
  • Modular platform for changing performance and configuration requirements
  • DIN rail or rack mounting
  • Security functions (VLANs, integrated firewall, NAT function, IPsec)
  • High connection density and diverse selection of communication modules
Ethernet APL switch

Ethernet APL switches for use in the process industry

Managed switches for Ethernet APL

Ethernet APL communication technology enables the direct two-wire Ethernet connection of sensors or field devices in the Ex zones of process technology applications. Ethernet transmission via just a single wire pair simplifies the infrastructure.

The Ethernet APL switch allows you to provide direct access to data from the field level. Ethernet APL enables an efficient and future-proof solution for data communication in the process industry.

  • Use in potentially explosive areas is possible, as is the bridging of large distances up to 1,000 m at 10 Mbps
  • Low wiring effort reduces complexity
  • Costs are reduced by using the existing fieldbus cabling
  • In addition to the Ethernet APL functions, the managed switch has the proven FL SWITCH 2300 features
PROFINET switches

PROFINET switches

PROFINET switches

Thanks to an integrated PROFINET device, the 2200, 2300, SMCS, and GHS​ ​PROFINET switches​ are ideal for use in ​PROFINET​ ​class​ B networks.

  • MRP redundancy for fast switch-over within 200 ms
  • Fast device replacement and network topology monitoring thanks to LLDP
  • Integration into the engineering: complete configuration and diagnostics from the PROFINET controller

IRT ​Managed Ethernet Switches​ provide the ideal ​scope of functions for ​PROFINET​ ​class​​ C networks.

  • Fast Ethernet switches
  • Temperature range: -25°C ... +60°C
  • DIN rail mounting (IP20) and wall mounting (IP67)
  • Integrated ERTEC technology for PROFINET applications
  • Prioritized PROFINET data transmission
  • Diagnostics for FO paths

Routers and layer 3 switches

2000 series NAT switches

2000 series NAT switches

NAT switches

​Thanks to ​Network Address ​​Translation​, the 2000 series NAT switches allow easy connection to the higher-level network for machines or systems with the same IP address range. These NAT switches combine switching and routing in a single DIN rail device.

  • Fast Ethernet switch and Gigabit switch
  • Versions with extended temperature range: -40°C … +70°C
  • Versions with redundant power supply
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Various NAT mechanisms: 1:1 NAT, virtual NAT, IP masquerading, and port forwarding
  • Static routing
  • Free assignment of the eight ports as LAN and WLAN ports
  • RSTP redundancy (WAN and LAN) and MRP redundancy (LAN)
  • PROFINET conformance class A or B
Modular layer 3 switches for industrial applications

Modular GHS Managed Switches with layer 3 function

Modular layer 3 switches

Our most powerful switch is the modular GHS Managed Switch. Thanks to Gigabit data throughput and the optional layer 3 function, it is particularly suitable for use as an automation backbone and for connection to the higher-level company network.

  • Gigabit switch
  • Temperature range: -20°C ... +55°C
  • Redundant power supply
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Four SFP ports and up to eight media modules (FO, polymer, or HCS technology, copper or Power over Ethernet)
  • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP): port-specific routing up to 28 times or operate multiple routers redundantly
  • Easy configuration via display, SD card, web-based management, CLI commands, or via the FL NETWORK MANAGER software

The FL NETWORK MANAGER simplifies configuration and company management

Network management software

Commission your network quickly and easily with the FL NETWORK MANAGER network management software. The software provides support for the following steps:

  • Scanning an existing network
  • IP assignment and device configuration
  • Multi-device configuration
  • Configuration file handling
  • Firmware update
  • SNMP scripting