Network installation – From patch panels and network isolators to SPF modules

Network installation

Install your entire network yourself – we will be happy to help you. Whether copper, fiber optics, or fast connectors – Phoenix Contact will provide you with all of the necessary components, such as patch panels, PoE injectors, insulators, and redundancy modules for flexible on-site installation.

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Three Ethernet patch panels on one DIN rail

The patch panels enable safe connection between the control cabinet and field

Ethernet patch panels Secure connection made fast

Ethernet patch panels enable quick and easy connection between your field and control cabinet cabling. In a covered wiring space, IDC, Push-in, or screw connection simplifies installation of the field cable.

The cable shielding is connected quickly and easily without tools – while simultaneously ensuring strain relief. This saves a great deal of time during installation.

As an option, these interface modules are also available with surge protection and shield current monitoring.

PoE injectors: Reliable and simple supply

The PoE injectors reliably supply your network with data and power

PoE injectors Reliable and simple supply

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors can be used to supply remote Ethernet devices, such as cameras, with data and power via a shared cable. The compact stand-alone solution is available in various performance classes up to 60 watts.

In addition to the RJ45 jack, the PoE injectors feature alternative connection technologies for the field cable and integrated surge protection. This protects the connected end devices and therefore increases system availability.

FL PD 1001 Power over Ethernet splitter

The PoE splitter separates power and data locally

PoE splitters Separate data and power locally

The Power over Ethernet splitter enables you to also install non-PoE-capable end devices in remote stations easily and cost-effectively. For WLAN or Bluetooth access points, controllers, I/O stations, etc., the PoE splitter separates data and power locally and makes these available separately. That way, you benefit from the cost benefits and easy cabling of a PoE solution even for non-PoE-capable network components.

Network isolators for the electrical isolation of the network

The network isolators protect your end devices

Network isolators For the electrical isolation of the network

In industrial environments, potential differences pose a constant problem for interference-free data transmission. The FL ISOLATOR is used for electrical isolation in copper-based Ethernet networks.

With the high-quality isolation up to 4 kV, you can protect your Ethernet devices and interfaces. This significantly increases immunity.

The FL ISOLATOR is also available with M12 connection technology and housing for wall mounting as an option.

SFP modules: Flexible use of fiberglass technology

SFP modules for flexible fiberglass transmission

SFP modules Flexible use of fiberglass technology

SFP (small form-factor pluggable) modules enable you to flexibly use the SFP ports of your Ethernet switches. Whether you require single-mode or multimode transmission, Fast Ethernet or Gigabit, Phoenix Contact provides the right SFP modules for your application:

  • Copper and FO transmission (singlemode and multimode)
  • Transmission distances up to 80 km
  • Single-fiber transmission with WDM technology
  • 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps
  • Can be used in all Phoenix Contact switches with SFP slots