We offer customized terminal strip assemblies and custom-cut DIN rail, perforated or unperforated, with your specified hole placements. We can also partner with you to design junction boxes, back plates, cable harnesses, or kitting for Phoenix Contact components, all under one part number.

DIN rail assemblies

DIN rail assemblies

  • Ready-to-install rail assemblies are marked and manufactured to your specifications
  • Designed using PROJECT complete planning software
  • Single part number assigned
  • Hard copy drawings or sketches accepted
  • Quality inspection and functional testing
  • Custom packaging for easy integration into your workflow
  • Design wired DIN rail assemblies with both Phoenix Contact and non-Phoenix Contact parts
Custom-cut DIN rail

Custom-cut DIN rail

  • DIN rail cut to millimeter precision
  • Specified hole placement for your design requirements
  • NS/35/15 and NS 35/7,5 perforated or unperforated aluminum DIN rail
  • Additional options including Rustoleum end dipping, end caps, labeling, and more
Junction boxes, backplates, and custom enclosures

Junction boxes, backplates, and custom enclosures

  • Single part number for ordering
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Pre-wired for field terminations
  • Necessary testing/approvals
  • Continuity Tested
  • Higher complexity with Phoenix Contact Parts
Value Add cable solutions

Value Add cable solutions

  • Custom wire prep including ferruling, tin dipping, and leaving slugs on custom strip lengths
  • Custom packaging
  • Custom kitting
  • Custom marking/labeling
  • Use of ANY Phoenix Contact connectors, including IFC field-wireables, COMBICON, D-sub, etc.
  • Cable bundling
  • Cable conduit and cable glands
  • Third party components


Examples of kitting include auto-bagging, cable ties, DIN rail bundles, ferrules, bridges, and more. Kitting offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Inventory/BOM reduction
  • Package sizes to meet production requirements
  • Reduced supply chain management
  • Add your logo and/or part number to the label
  • Special labeling
  • Special packaging
  • Additional protection or package sizes
Custom-cut cable duct

Custom-cut cable duct

  • Use cable ducts to control your cabinet
  • Easy cable routing
  • Halogen-free wire duct
  • Custom lengths
  • Sizes: WxH: 25x25 mm (1"x1") to 120x180 mm (5"x3")
Custom packaging solutions

Custom packaging solutions


  • Determined by dimensions
  • Protective wrapping
  • Corrugated paper
  • Boxing


  • Rail assemblies
  • Individual components
  • Add company logo
PROJECT complete planning software

PROJECT complete planning software

  • User-friendly interface
  • Create projects with Phoenix Contact parts
  • Convenient process support